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IE Market Share Falls To Historic Low

yack0 Historic low? That was 0% (472 comments)

Historic low? What happened to the history where MSIE has a 0% share (no browser) or 3%, 12%, 16%, 22%, 32%.

There was a time when there was no MSIE, so to say there's a historic low is complete inaccurate. Unless of course the person choosing the headline wasn't around during those days.

more than 4 years ago

Tech Support to the Stars

yack0 Brush with an older rocker (289 comments)

I was working a wireless project at a venue and the talent wanted wireless in the dressing room. Dressing rooms weren't in the spec. We added it temporarily as we were still doing installs.

I ended up on stage during the sound check helping the keyboard tech get access to the net over our wireless network so he could do his email and stuff. I also ended up at the apron of the stage for the duration of the show and had an all access pass for the evening.

Thing is, I still don't know whether he spells it MeatLoaf or Meat Loaf.

Still, it was an awesome show and I had a great time.

more than 8 years ago


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