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GTA Sex Game Leads to ESRB Fracas

yakfacts This IS a slashdot thread!!! (732 comments)

I think these games are terrible...I find the level of violence disgusting and I am very discouraged that the game companies are producing and marketing such slop. What next...Gang Rape III? Slicin' Dicin' Serial Killers? How about I'll do anything for Heroin: The Teenage Adventure.

That being said, I see that (as always) on slashdot, what started out as a discussion about a videogame has descended into "The United States Sucks", always the default topic on slashdot because it is popular with the 13-22 year old crowd in the US (a good chunk of the ./ audience) who seem sophisitcated when they bash their own country.

Free speech in the US is not perfect, but it is more free than anywhere else. People censor sex here because the courts agreed that they can.

more than 9 years ago


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