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3D Printer?

yayoubetcha Re:Missing Option (171 comments)

I already made a time machine with my 4D printer ten years from now long ago

about a week ago

3D Printer?

yayoubetcha Rent usage with provider (171 comments)

I could see "printing" at a retailer, office supply, postal center, etc. sooner than buying one

about a week ago

Which Programming Language Pays the Best? Probably Python

yayoubetcha EPIC fail (277 comments)

OMG, will anybody get this joke?

about two weeks ago

NASA Offering Contracts To Encourage Asteroid Mining

yayoubetcha Huge, easily mineable, rock discovered! (153 comments)

There is a rock that orbits the sun which is well known to contain easily extracted minerals. And it is big. With a circumference of about 22,000 miles it contains vast amounts of minerals. The really great up-side to it is that it has an atmosphere which we can survive in (at least in the short-term). So mining operations should be fairly cost effective.

about three weeks ago

Linux On a Motorola 68000 Solder-less Breadboard

yayoubetcha You are standing at the end of a road .... (147 comments)

You are standing at the end of a road before a small brick building.
Around you is a forest. A small stream flows out of the building and
down a gully...


about a month ago

Senate May Vote On NSA Reform As Soon As Next Week

yayoubetcha My proposed Constitutional Amendment (127 comments)

Sorry, but what the NSA is doing and wants to continue to do, violates the 4th Amendment clear and simple. Any legislation passed cannot trump the 4th Amendment no matter how you slice it.

The solution is to pass a new Constitutional Amendment. Here is my proposal: "In the name of National Security, this Amendment allows the Government to do whatever the fuck it wants to do. This includes, but is not limited to, pissing on the 4th Amendment. Oh, except, the 2nd Amendment. Nope. Can't touch that."

There ya go. Now you can spy as much as you want.

about a month ago

Overbilled Customer Sues Time Warner Cable For False Advertising

yayoubetcha Where is the pricing schedule? (223 comments)

Google "[city-name-here] Internet Service" and the ads are a popn'. Yesterday, for me, I Googled "Reno, NV Internet Service". Up comes a variety of ads. When I look at the details for DSL by AT&T and Cable by Charter, they both have rates per month for the first year. That is of course trying to discover the Internet only, non-bundled, service.

Next to the monthly price for the first 12 month is an asterisk. I look for the footnote to possibly discover a link to the "regular" pricing, but that was not to be found.

So, FCC, come on, get with the damn program. Yes, work out the whole Net Neutrality thing, but let's start with the basics: providing an easy to discover (I mean OBVIOUS) listing of their rates. Then they can say "Rates from $34.95 for the first 12 months. That's a $30/month savings off the regular price of $64.95"

When you can find a pricing table, which I did a couple of years ago for COMCAST in Seattle. I discovered the lowest rate was $20 a month less than ANY other rate. I think it may have been accessed with the link "Click here for our 'Ebola, HIV, Syphilis, Leprosy, Firday the 13th, get shot in the face' plan".

about a month ago

Why the Time Is Always Set To 9:41 In Apple Ads

yayoubetcha Fascinating (109 comments)

Thank you for posting this tech story. Now stop worrying about those darn times in Apple ads. I can go to bed tonight and finally get some sleep,

about a month and a half ago

Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

yayoubetcha Re:Gay? (764 comments)

I'm proud to have blue eyes! C'mon blue eyed people! Stand up with me and be proud.

No offense, Tim, and other gay people, but I don't care that you are gay in the same way that I don't care that Bill Gates is a Heterosexual.

about a month and a half ago

Preferred smartphone screen size?

yayoubetcha Prepaid flip phone (258 comments)

My phone is a prepaid verizon flip phone. I do have a $100 Moto G, but I use that as a "Tablet" with WIFI where available, and I never use it as a phone (with Google's Hangout/Google Voice, I can send/recv. texts).

I do like the flip-open to answer, and the flip-close to hang-up on my little Samsung Gusto.

about 2 months ago

Favorite clickbait hook?

yayoubetcha Re:Why (238 comments)

anything HuffingtonPost

about 2 months ago

FBI Director Continues His Campaign Against Encryption

yayoubetcha Hey, Comey: (284 comments)

shpx lb h!

about 2 months ago

My toy collection is ...

yayoubetcha Does my penis count? (209 comments)

If it does, I need to change my answer.

about 3 months ago

Ancient Campfires Led To the Rise of Storytelling

yayoubetcha No More fires! The West is burning. (89 comments)

I hiked the PCT this year. I climb mountains, and I just got back from the Sawtooth Wilderness. Campfires should not be used any more. The West is burning. Frankly, this year's PCT permit application says not to use anything but a canister stove, and suggests not even using a stove.

In all the times, all the nights, I've been backpacking I have started campfires on only a couple of occasions for safety. Both were done to dry out soaking wet clothes and prevent hypothermia. Fires for *real* safety is good, for socialization, fires should be permanently suspended.

Yes, it is fun to sit around and chat around a campfire. However, just take a look at what is happening out there for forest fires (http://www.geomac.gov/viewer/viewer.shtml).

about 3 months ago

Text While Driving In Long Island and Have Your Phone Disabled

yayoubetcha More accidents after texting law passed in CO. (364 comments)

Colorado passed an anti-texting law. Cop sees you texting and she can pull you over. Result? Instead of operating the phone at the top or over of the steering wheel, people didn't want to get a ticket. So, they moved their devices to their laps. Accident rates went up as a result. Doh!

about 3 months ago

Willow Garage Founder Scott Hassan Aims To Build a Startup Village

yayoubetcha Similar already exists (62 comments)

It is called Silicon Valley

about 3 months ago

Is There a Creativity Deficit In Science?

yayoubetcha There's an app for that (203 comments)

Two of my scientist friends have left science for developing 1) technology for Facebook; 2) a drug to make fat people skinnier. Well, number two is technically science, but ...

The high tech gold rush for making big $$$ is the problem, IMHO.

about 3 months ago

Research Shows RISC vs. CISC Doesn't Matter

yayoubetcha Re:isn't x86 RISC by now? (161 comments)

You just saved me five minutes for typing the same reply. Well said and thanks!

about 4 months ago



A White House Petition for fairness with ISP deceptive pricing practices

yayoubetcha yayoubetcha writes  |  about 2 years ago

yayoubetcha (893774) writes "Another White House petition... This one, I signed. It is a proposal for a simple and prominent table of an ISPs pricing on their website. Too often the prices are designed to get a subscriber signed up for a low price for a few months then it expires and they are paying a high rate. The proposal is for a food-like "Nutritional Information" "label" for an ISPs pricing that clearly shows regular rates, special pricing, and bandwidth limits.

My mother uses email and surfs the web occasionally, and of course updates to her Windows OS. That's about it. She was paying $60 a month for 20Gbps service for two years before I called Century Link to get it reduce to 7Gbps and $40/month — still too much for her needs, but she is saving a little."

Link to Original Source


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