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Setting Up The Greenpeace Ship w/WiFi

ybmug Re:Funny. (513 comments)

> How clean is nuclear waste?

Yup, it's pretty nasty stuff.

> Where do you put the waste?

Deep in a mountain somewhere where nobody would go anyway.

> Isn't it true that "cleaner" energy in this case, really means that the problem of who it's dirty for is so far down the road that you couldn't care less?

Right, because spewing out waste gasses from burning coal, oil, etc is being very considerate of future generations. And I'm quite sure future generations will want to live deep in some cave.

> What happens when a real terrorist, you know those same people that blew up the WTC on 9/11, blows up your "clean" nuclear waste?

Again, put it deep in some mountain with the military guarding it.

> Nuclear energy isn't clean at all and if you think that's the cleanest, what do you think of solar, wind and hydroelectric? Perhaps natural gas?

How many toxic biproducts are generated when you make an (electric) solar panel? What do you do with all the old batteries that are used to store the generated electricity?

How much energy is used to create wind turbines and how many energy and resources go into maintaining wind turbines?

What type of ecological impact does hydroelectric energy have?

How much natural gas is available? Is it enough to supply eletrical demands?

> How about being self sustainable?

That is a good point.

more than 10 years ago


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