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CyanogenMod ports Android to HP Touchpad

yesakmac yesakmac writes  |  more than 3 years ago

yesakmac (1143597) writes "From the article "CyanogenMod also released a “lower your expectations edition” release guide to let you know exactly what is working (or not) under the hood. Modders will be happy to know that basically all the TouchPad's guts are recognized. It supports dual-booting and fake SD cards in case you need to restore the TouchPad. What does not work, though, is the camera, which can only be used for video chat. Power efficiency is still an issue, too. As for the final build, CyanogenMod says they won’t be giving a hard date, and that it will be ready when it is ready.""
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Midwest Internet Slowdown?

yesakmac yesakmac writes  |  more than 6 years ago

yesakmac (1143597) writes "Anyone seen any degredation of their internet speeds while connecting to servers in the mid-west? I work for a state agency and have been getting calls this afternoon of an "internet slowdown". I have talked to my superiors and shown them the numbers. speedtest.net has been recording ~384 kb/s for servers in MO, KS (which are now offline) and TX. Is anyone seeing a huge, noticeable change in speeds? Also, I am only an Administrator for one network, and know there are many above me in the flow of things. How do you all handle when a network above you goes down? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!"

How To deal with myspace

yesakmac yesakmac writes  |  more than 6 years ago

yesakmac (1143597) writes "I've been an IT guy for the past 3 years now, and recently acquired the title of systems/network administrator for a law firm in Kansas. I walked in here knowing very little, but in my stead have cleaned up the network dramatically. I'm the 21 year old cliche of an IT guy with slip-ons and a beard who occasionally rides his bike to work. I'm fairly easy going with the users, letting them roam the internet fairly freely, within reason. Within the last few days our antivirus program has been picking up a few myspace trojans here and there. I don't want to completely block access to myspace, as some of our lawyers use it to get the dirty on a client... but I would like to keep our workstations somewhat clean (we have over 185 workstations scattered across the state. I am a huge advocate of open source software and wouldn't like to spend any money if I don't have to. Does anyone have a good solution (possibly a browser based blocker) to stop remote executes, without making the end user feel like I am punishing them?"


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