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FTDI Reportedly Bricking Devices Using Competitors' Chips.

yo303 Re:This is just wrong. (687 comments)

OK, your main argument is wrong. Second-sourcing is when a company licences its IP to another manufacturer.

There was no licencing here.

2 days ago

New Chemical Process Could Make Ammonia a Practical Car Fuel

yo303 Re:waste of time (380 comments)

Ammonia is toxic and isn't renewable.

No, it's gasoline that is toxic and not renewable. Ammonia is manufactured from air and water.

about 4 months ago

A Physicist Says He Can Tornado-Proof the Midwest With 1,000-Foot Walls

yo303 Re:Reminds me of one engineer's maxim (501 comments)

In theory, the difference between practice and theory is due to practical considerations that theorists find it impractical to fit into their theories.

In practice, theory uses the practice of theorizing about practical matters, while not noticing that the theoretical method practically distorts the theory beyond application to practice.

Theoretically then, the practical facts are that theory is in practice good for predicting what happens in theory, but impractical as a theory with direct implications for practice, except where theory states that the practice is sufficiently close to the theory to make any difference, for all practical purposes, theoretically zero.

In practice this does not happen very often.

about 4 months ago

The Rule of Three Proved By Physicists

yo303 Re:Even more amazing (80 comments)

Further, if the density of the pizza is p, the Earth's mass times the gravitational constant is u, and the pizza's distance to the center of the Earth is l, the force on that pizza is p*i*z*z*a*p*u / l*l.

about 5 months ago

3D-Printed UAV Can Go From Atoms to Airborne in 24 Hours

yo303 Airborne 3D printer (77 comments)

That's what I am waiting for.

about 7 months ago

Happy Pi Day

yo303 pizza and pi (218 comments)

If you eat pie today, you will increase your circumference by 2*pi*dr.

And if the volume of a pizza of radius z and thickness a is pi*z*z*a, and its density is p, and the Earth's mass times the gravitational constant is u and its distance from the center is l, the force pulling on that pizza is pi*z*z*a*p*u / l*l.

about 7 months ago

Billion Star Surveyor 'Gaia' Lifts Off

yo303 Re:The size of a euro coin? (77 comments)

This being a European project you should be coloured impressed.

about 10 months ago

Billion Star Surveyor 'Gaia' Lifts Off

yo303 The size of a euro coin? (77 comments)

What is that in Metric? Wait, I mean American?

about 10 months ago

Another Casualty of Typhoon Haiyan: Geothermal Power

yo303 Re:Renewable Doesn't Mean Invincible (78 comments)

I'd rather be asking why they are bothering to have cooling towers,

That part was explained in TFS. It is because after the expanding pressurized hot water expands into steam past turbines, they cool it and run the condensing steam past turbines a second time to get even more energy out of it. Clever.

about a year ago

Research Shows E-Cigs Might Be As Good For Quitting As Nicotine Patches

yo303 Re:Might be? (314 comments)

Enjoy not being addicted while it lasts. Continue, and you will become hooked, just as if you were smoking a few times a week. Nicotine is on a short list of common addictive drugs that include caffeine, alcohol,,heroin, cocaine, meth etc.

But as discussed elsewhere in this thread, it remains to be seen how harmful nicotine addiction is by itself.

about a year ago

Newest YouTube User To Fight a Takedown: Lawrence Lessig

yo303 Re:tldr (154 comments)

FTFY: Oh, own openness.

Oh wait, that's not alliteration, that's assonance. Careless composition can commonly cause confusion.

about a year ago

New Moon Found Orbiting Neptune

yo303 Meh.... (120 comments)

I like our moon better.

But honestly I have not been to either.

about a year ago

How Would an Astronaut Falling Into a Black Hole Die?

yo303 Quantum mechanics and relativity (412 comments)

We already know that QM and relativity can't both be true. Each theory is very good at predicting things in its realm, but they are mutually exclusive.

about a year and a half ago

Raspberry Pi Gets an Open Source Educational Manual

yo303 Re:speed power expandability (56 comments)

Yes. [ObGeekCred: I wrote Wayne's World for the Gameboy in Z80 assembly and put my picture in as an Easter egg.]

This would be an amazingly revealing tool. If debugging and tracing tools had been a standard thing the whole time for everybody, we would have so many more programmers now, because they let you look inside. It's like when they invented grandfather clocks with windows showing the mechanism: it made for more grandfather clock makers, because more people saw how cool it was to be able to make grandfather clocks.

Further, this needs to be a standard free app on smartphones. More kids are likely to develop for and on their smartphones than for Pi or Arduino. This is much more true in the 3rd world, where many have limited access to PCs while they easily find cheap Android phones.

Once you run it and agree, it turns into a debugging service that traces everything. It runs in a side window and has a slider that runs contiguously between assembly language, through system calls, through full speed. It can slow down any app -- their app -- with stepping, tracing, and breakpoints. It is a virtualizer running on the phone itself.

This tool can easily be developed by a team of ad hoc developers. Imagine that anybody in the world can take apart an app and make a list of when it makes a graphic call, or have it freeze when it makes a file system request, or build timing graphs of various interesting things. This is what builds programmers.

The project needs only a few managers, programmers, marketers, bloggers, braggers, and other passionate people. Building a team of varied people is what will make this work.

Will you help make this happen? Picture that everybody can suddenly take apart all their apps, and see how they work inside. This could really be how things are a year from now. Mail me at j at jth period co

about 2 years ago

Google To Shutter Knol, Wave, Gears

yo303 Re:life cycle of a cloud (218 comments)

Funny, but no, OP is correct. Clouds are condensed water droplets: liquid. Gaseous water is invisible.

more than 2 years ago

Statistician Cracks Code For Lottery Tickets

yo303 Re:You don't have to be non-random for fixed winne (374 comments)

The problem is that he reverse engineered their deterministic process for generating winners and losers and then was able to pick out the winning cards based on the partial information they revealed.

The problem is that the lottery people didn't hire the right statistician.

more than 3 years ago


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