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U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

yodleboy Re:Will the cameras work? (643 comments)

"We're not asking for perfect. We're asking for better"

You must live under a rock... The mindset in the USA these days from local government all the way up to Federal level is that all solutions must be perfect solutions and make everyone happy. So...nothing really gets done. Some places do seem to buck this trend, but I see it more and more.

This is what happens when "moderate" or "center" become dirty words. We're getting a nation of extremists that refuse to compromise. It's pathetic and embarrassing.

about three weeks ago

Scientists Successfully Grow Full Head of Hair On Bald Man

yodleboy Re:Follicles follicles follicles! (109 comments)

"Right. Because they totally don't pay attention to anything else. You know, like how many houses, cars, or basketball teams he owns."

Finding those things out requires conversation... If she says "thanks for the drink, I was just leaving" at the the first sight of your baldness, how will you get to that point? Assuming your idea of casual conversation does not involve screaming "I HAVE N HOUSES!!!" at her back as she walks away, of course...

about 3 months ago

Valve's Steam Machines Delayed, Won't Be Coming In 2014

yodleboy Half-Life 2 Ep. 3... does this surprise anyone? (134 comments)

given that after 7 years they have yet to release a conclusion to the cliffhanger ending of Ep. 2 for one of the biggest games ever developed is it any surprise that they won't be releasing SteamBox on time? I've long since stopped caring about Ep. 3 and I won't hold my breath for SteamBox. Even if it is released, will Valve ensure a steady supply of content for it?

about 4 months ago

Virgin Galactic Passengers May Just Miss Going into Space

yodleboy Re:What a complete waste of time and money (203 comments)

"Getting to orbit is a lot harder, yes; but that's an actual achievement, instead of a publicity stunt. You can actually do useful stuff once you're in orbit. You can't do that from a jumped-up fairground ride."

You mean useful like going in speedy circles around the planet for 50 years? Or useful like building a giant space station for 3 or 4 people to go around in speedy circles after the bus has left? What marvelous uses!
Those newfangled aeroplanes were quite the jumped-up fairground ride in their early days as well.

about 4 months ago

Apple's Spotty Record of Giving Back To the Tech Industry

yodleboy Re:Here's what troubles me about Apple and the med (268 comments)

"Innovation is always built on the back of others"

But when it's Apple, it's just a logical progression of technology. When it's some other company, it's all rape and pillage. double standards are fun.

about 5 months ago

Elite Violinists Can't Distinguish Between a Stradivarius and a Modern Violin

yodleboy Re:Moo (469 comments)

"If that were the case, then you'd expect them to think the older, more valuable one sounded better right away, not the newer, less special one; so this seems to be a statement against confirmation bias."

Nahhhh. after spending a million bucks and being underwhelmed they do what anyone with buyers remorse does...they start imagining things.

about 5 months ago

Why Are We Made of Matter?

yodleboy Re:Ah, antimatter (393 comments)

dark matter is the aether! they were right all along, take that Einstein!!!!

about 5 months ago

Why Are We Made of Matter?

yodleboy Re:Ah, antimatter (393 comments)

HA! Funny to think that somehow there was 1 extra atom of matter and that made all the difference in which one dominated.

about 5 months ago

Is DIY Brainhacking Safe?

yodleboy Re:Predictions? (183 comments)

nah... probably Celcius...

about 6 months ago

"Microsoft Killed My Pappy"

yodleboy yeahhhh... (742 comments)

Yes... get over it, please. Will we have another 20 years of this crap on /.? The only difference between MS and Apple is that MS took the 800lb gorilla approach. Apple is just as much of a litigious, strongarmed, asshole of a company. They just manage to be smarter about it, and to hide behind the 'we're so cool, trust us' image they've cultivated.

Not that it matters on /.. MS will be vilified for all eternity, while the flavor of the month companies will always get a pass because they take the time to lube up first.

about 7 months ago

"Microsoft Killed My Pappy"

yodleboy Re:Change (742 comments)

"The thing I hate the most about their products they do not have a monopoly on: selling managers framework systems whose major purpose seems to be to coax the customer into a situation where buying more stuff is the easiest solution. "

Are you talking about Microsoft? or IBM? or Oracle? or Cisco? or everyone?

about 7 months ago

Federal Judge Rules Chicago's Ban On Licensed Gun Dealers Unconstitutional

yodleboy Re:2nd amendment means military weapons (934 comments)

"Overthrowing an oppressive government (what the second amendment is about) requires modern military hardware. In this age, that means tanks, RPGs and military aircraft."

You mean like those guys in Afghanistan that have basically fought with limited means against 2 major superpowers until said superpowers had enough and left?

Personally, I don't think it would ever go as far as armed uprising. The federal government would rather see secession right and left rather than face the reality of another Civil War with modern weapons. The limp noodle backbone of Washington DC may come home to roost one day...

about 8 months ago

The Hobbit and Game of Thrones Top Most Pirated Lists of 2013

yodleboy Re:People Actually Pirated The Hobbit??? (193 comments)

what would have made you happy? Michael Bay directing The Hobbit as a two hour explosion fest? You want to see shitting all over a beloved short novel? Try the Starship Troopers movie. Now, maybe 3 movies is a bit long, but at least it's being done by someone that cares about the source material. Did you ever think that sometimes the only way to sell this stuff to those sleazy execs is to give them a way to milk it?

It's incredible that people will sit around and bitch about getting too much entertainment at a time when most studios would be happy to give you a 90 min stinker like the latest Conan remake for the same price.

about 9 months ago

Possible Habitable Planet Just 12 Light Years Away

yodleboy Well played Slatibartfast! (420 comments)

OBVIOUSLY, the Magratheans are staging the backup copy of Earth in anticipation of the Mayan apocalypse. To the best of my knowledge all of my friends are from where they claim to be from, so it looks like I'll be stuck here.

about a year and a half ago

Huge Pumice Rock 'Island' Seen Floating In South Pacific

yodleboy Spidermonkey Island? (104 comments)

I thought Dr. Doolittle took care of that floating mess.

more than 2 years ago

Valve Removes Right For Class Action Claims From EULA

yodleboy Thanks UBISOFT! (270 comments)

You can probably lay this one at the feet of crap companies like UBISOFT. An actual Valve game will likely never be cause for a class action suit. What this is, is an attempt to protect themselves from being the scapegoat for OTHER publishers' stupidity. I'm pointing to the recent announcement that UBIPLAY or whatever it's called has been installing rootkits on users computers. It's not Valve's fault that Ubisoft slipped some crap like this into their installer and they are rightly concerned about being sued for it, even though they are just the delivery boy in this case. With this move, greedy class action lawyers will just bypass Valve and go after Ubi, which is the correct thing to do anyway.

more than 2 years ago

Star Wars: The Old Republic Adding Free-To-Play Option In November

yodleboy Re:Are people still playing this? (135 comments)

This is a good point. These new MMO's seem to be so dead set on being NOT WOW that they end up making mistakes Blizzard made years ago. If nothing else, WoW can show them what NOT to do, ever. No one expects 7 years of content like WoW at release. What's disappointing with most other MMO's is you've got 7 years of WoW to study, 7 years of failed WoW killers to study and they STILL can't get mechanics, interfaces and quality of life items right.

It's not like they are being tasked with inventing the MMO genre from scratch. It's really a pretty well defined game type. Imagine if someone said they were building the latest wonder car and then proceeded to ignore the last 30 years or so of automotive history. Recipe for failure.

more than 2 years ago

Star Wars: The Old Republic Adding Free-To-Play Option In November

yodleboy Re:Are people still playing this? (135 comments)

i wanted to play. Didn't get in the beta, and when it was released, there was no free trial. Even a couple of days would have been enough. I've got room in my schedule for ONE MMO, and I will not pay full retail on the unlikely chance it's going to replace WoW. Later on I believe they had trials, first where you could get invited by a friend, and now I THINK they have a free trial. Too bad. At this point after reading complaints and all the missed opportunities I think I'll pass.

more than 2 years ago

How Will Steam on GNU/Linux Affect Software Freedom?

yodleboy Re:I dont have to be a free software advocate (580 comments)

That's a pretty naive statement. Your complaint should be against intrusive DRM, abuse of legal system, persecution of randomly selected people to make an example. None of which have jack shit to do with Steam which has a DRM so transparent as to be unnoticeable MOST of the time, and is developed by a company that has never been accused of the other things I mentioned. If all DRM were like Steam and all media companies like Valve, most people would have damn little to complain about. It must be sad to walk around thinking that even the guys that try to do things the right way are just as bad as the bastards. You're in for a lifetime of disappointment, stay away from computers and try knitting.

more than 2 years ago



The End is Nigh! Which end is up to you though

yodleboy yodleboy writes  |  more than 2 years ago

yodleboy (982200) writes "CNN offers a nice sampling of various apocalyptic theories and terminology in How To Speak Apocalypse. With 2012 now underway, what will the end actually look like? Pole shifts or the Rapture? Has the end already happened and maybe we just haven't gotten the memo (Galactic Superwave)? What do you think fellow slashdotters, time to dust off the bucket list?"
Link to Original Source


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