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Intentional GPS Jamming On the Increase

yogi Minor military inconvenience (243 comments)

Jammers don't usually cause a problem for the more sophisticated military. In essence, jamming is just broadcasting a very loud signal on the same frequency as the one you want to jam, so that you drown out the real signal.

The problem with broadcasting loud signals is that they are very good for locking bombs/missiles onto. The Americans have anti radar missiles that home in on radar signals. The Russians (used to?) have an air squadron that just flew around the battlefields dropping bombs on the largest transmitter they could find.

The more sophisticated Jammers only activate when a transmission coming in from the "real" source, but that won't work for GPS, as GPS broadcasts constantly.

So now you have two cruise missiles coming atcha. One targets the jammer, the other hits the target.

more than 6 years ago



Google throws mud at OOXML

yogi yogi writes  |  more than 7 years ago

yogi (3827) writes "In a Blog post on Friday, Google welcomed the ISO decision not to fasttrack OOXML. From the article "Technical standards should be arrived at transparently, openly, and based on technical merit. Google is committed to helping the standards community remain true to this ideal and maintain their independence from any commercial pressure." while indicating their support for ODF."
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yogi yogi writes  |  more than 7 years ago

yogi (3827) writes "In news from the US Centre for Disease control, it seems that there has been a 200% rise in the number of injuries from Nail Guns in the years since 1990. The release of Quake in 1996 may have some bearing on this. Either people aren't using them properly, or there is a marked preference for Nailguns now over the traditional pistols and shotguns for eliminating aliens in your backyard. The Register has the scoop. Casualty figures for Rocket Lanuchers are not provided."


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