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Beer Price Crisis On the Horizon

yourpusher Re:So - who's in love with the government again? (397 comments)

Amen. The guy who posted:

"But you see that is exactly his point, he should not have to present anything in order to prevent the government enacting a new rule. It should be up to the government to present an argument or evidence that this proposed rule is not only a good idea, but necessary. When the government proposes a new rule, the first reaction of a free people should be, "Not until you convince me that it is necessary for this branch of government to implement this rule.""

is exactly the kind of ignorant that he's posing as being against. Incredibly frustrating, if we're taking people at face value.

about 9 months ago

Former TSA Administrator Speaks

yourpusher Re:In case you're all clueless... (196 comments)

I've still got one of those, somewhere. Best TSA checkpoint reaction, when I used it? A smile and a nod.

more than 2 years ago

Google Cools Data Center With Bathroom Water

yourpusher Re:The wet t-shirt effect? (230 comments)

I...I am not even sure what say to that...

"Show us your bits!"

more than 2 years ago

What's Needed For Freedom In the Cloud?

yourpusher I don't need The Cloud, but I do need a service (81 comments)

And that service is providing a sync path for my data. I'm willing to pay a premium for it. Yet I can't use and enjoy my Android phone with a simple sync path for any price. Its practical functionality depends upon me handing over all of my info to Google's cloud (and that's just for the basic apps, nevermind what I'd like to add on).

more than 3 years ago

Pentagon Confirms 2008 Computer Breach — 'Worst Ever'

yourpusher More Self-Serving Hype (157 comments)

Rob Rosenberger at VMyths notes:

et’s cut to the chase. U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III wrote an op-ed for a commercial publication in which he claims a single USB thumb drive caused the worst military data breach in history. And according to Wikipedia, that one little USB stick led to the creation of the Pentagon’s new Cyber Command.
[. . .]

I’ll bet it took so long only because it was a classified operation. This malware would have blown over in a week if DoD-CERT had issued an email saying “hey, there’s a new virus running around, please scan your PCs for agent.btz.”

{sniff} I can definitely smell a lot of groupthink here. Not to mention hype, which goes hand in hand with groupthink.

Lynn suffers from a short memory span. We know this because he thinks the Pentagon got “a wake-up call” when agent.btz slithered into classified networks. If Lynn’s brain had more RAM, he would recall the Melissa virus did EXACTLY the same thing in 1999. It infected classified U.S. networks at a depth & scope even I myself would label “impressive.”

So why this story? Well (from the same source):

You can see I’ve got a healthy dose of skepticism over Lynn’s “Buckshot Yankee” revelation. And I’m not alone: Wired filed a story with the headline “Insiders Doubt 2008 Pentagon Hack Was Foreign Spy Attack.”

Waitaminit. GCN’s breathless story includes the phrase “Lynn said Wednesday in a teleconference with reporters.” You mean to say he gabbed with the media on top of all the hype he wrote in an official capacity for a commercial publication? {sniff} I smell a book deal in the works when Lynn’s boss retires next year.

more than 3 years ago

Utah Attorney General Tweets Execution Order

yourpusher "Haha" as a tag? (556 comments)

What a fine bunch of people you are.

more than 4 years ago

DC Sues AT&T For Unclaimed Phone Minutes

yourpusher Re:Yes!!! (145 comments)

Back before gift cards, when there were only gift certificates, states started passing laws that if a gift certificate was not redeemed after a certain time, the retailer was required to turn that money over to the state.

Citation needed.

about 5 years ago

Spyware In BlackBerry Updates For Users in the UAE

yourpusher Re:UAE - no surprise (116 comments)

Never been to Vu's Bar, have you?

more than 5 years ago

Shiny New Space Fence To Monitor Orbiting Junk

yourpusher Even money bet that Northrup Grumman (76 comments)

has created a sizeable percentage of the space-junk it's now offering to track.

Nifty business model, that.

more than 5 years ago

FCC Considering Free Internet For USA

yourpusher This isn't the Internet - it's filter data access (502 comments)

The free service could be slower and would be required to filter out pornography and other material not suitable for children.

Right, the same FCC that is fining stations hundreds of thousands of dollars because they didn't bleep out Bono's "fucking brilliant" in time will determine what is and isn't suitable content accessible through this service.

Fuck that.

more than 6 years ago

David Foster Wallace an Apparent Suicide

yourpusher A brief personal narrative (in the style of . . .) (232 comments)

(crossposted from Blacknell.net)

Sad.1 David Foster Wallace2, along with perhaps only William Gibson, had a reader in me for everything he wrote. So dedicated was I to his Infinite Jest that I carried it in planes, trains, and autobuses over three continents.3 If you've never read any of his work, maybe you could start with this brilliant 2005 essay on political talk radio.4

1And I say sad in some weirdly personal sense that comes from both finding his writing deeply compelling in itself, and identifying his work with a period of time in my life which is not missed, but stands out as significant in recollection.

2David Foster Wallace (or DFW, as he is popularly known among fans) also provided (albeit completely unknowingly) some of the reason that Blacknell.net exists today. The blog that inspired me to start my own was written by an alumnus of the law school I had just started in. He, in turn, had been motivated to write online (in a format once known as an "online journal") while he read Infinite Jest (nb. This same author once had an essay published in the same collection as DFW). An early autobiography of this online journal community is available here (it is amusing to consider how much energy was expended on the subject of diary v. journal, only to have blog become the accepted appellation).

3 A massive tome of a book with 1200 pages of writing to be relished and consumed (in addition to being read) I took two years to complete it, taking it to Panama, Venezuela, and Britain. I've since reread it (in sections, while it wasn't lent out).

4Even though it isn't entirely representative.

(Ah, for want of a superscript tag . . .)

more than 6 years ago


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