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GPL vs. Skype Back In Court

zIRtrON Re:Simple Solution (369 comments)

Probably a marketing trick riding on the back of the success of the GPL.

I do telco work and haven't used skype for a while. Some end user though, caught me by surprise saying, "Have you used the new skype business - you can do transfers now, which is really helpful". Sounds good for the small business crowd, or web designers :P

Thanks for your comment Bruce

more than 6 years ago



Wikipedia: CmdrTaco & Country Singer Started /

zIRtrON zIRtrON writes  |  more than 6 years ago

zIRtrON (48344) writes "If you read the wikipedia entry of a Rob Malda — of slashdot fame, apparently "In 1997 Rob Malda and Jeff Bates created Slashdot while undergraduates of Hope College [1]. After running the site for two years on a shoestring [2], they sold the site to Andover.net, which was later acquired by VA Linux Systems [3]. Malda now runs the site out of the SourceForge, Inc. office in Dexter, MI [4]." — Is Jeff Bates a country singer...? I'm not up on /. history despite having read it for nearly a decade. How can anything on wikipedia be taken as 'fact'?"

Open Standard implementation, Open Source license?

zIRtrON zIRtrON writes  |  more than 7 years ago

zIRtrON writes "Gday Slashdot, I've written an implementation to an open standard. I'm dropping back to part-time work in order to work more with the software I've written (Telephony Industry). I was considering a dual-licensing model with the GPL a la Asterisk and MySQL. Being an open standard and considering the dual-licensing — am I in any hot water whether I go for the GPLv2 or GPLv3? I'm not as keen to go for a FreeBSD style license because I would like to be able to maintain a little bit of control over it and be able to make some money. Any good/bad stories people know?"


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