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Study Rules Out Global Warming Being a Natural Fluctuation With 99% Certainty

zakeria 500 years? (864 comments)

this is simply not enough time to base this assumption!

about two weeks ago

Getting Misogyny, Racism and Homophobia Out of Gaming

zakeria I've a cure (704 comments)

it's called Stoicism

about a month ago

How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?

zakeria Simple (983 comments)

ever hear of punch cards!

about a month and a half ago

Math Models Predicted Global Uprisings

zakeria Re:Instant moral judgement... (265 comments)

I detect a riot about to happen and I never used some fancy Math

about 2 months ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

zakeria Better than current (2219 comments)

Been a user of Slashdot from when it started and I think the Beta is a huge improvement on a very tired site.

about 3 months ago

What Killed the Great Beasts of North America?

zakeria obviously (214 comments)

Chuck Norris

about 3 months ago

Map of Publicly-Funded Creationism Teaching

zakeria A great target map (544 comments)

for dropping the H-Bomb!

about 3 months ago

Great Firewall of UK Blocks Game Patch Because of Substring Matches

zakeria Re:Great Firewall of China is bad enough ... (270 comments)

I've seen this over the years myself, thing is it's our own fault for letting the lefties gain ground in the 90's

about 3 months ago

Studies Say Earth Won't Die As Soon As Thought

zakeria Thank God (155 comments)

Now I can sleep better tonight!

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What's the Most Often-Run Piece of Code -- Ever?

zakeria boot up code (533 comments)

for windows

about 3 months ago

Chrome Is the New C Runtime

zakeria Re:Mozilla NSPR (196 comments)

I've been using NSPR for this reason for years !

about 3 months ago

Creationism In Texas Public Schools

zakeria This is why (770 comments)

we're building the bomb!

about 3 months ago

Irish Politician Calls For Crackdown On Open Source Internet Browsers

zakeria Im Northern Irish (335 comments)

and we think this guy is another twat.. nuff said. cheers!

about 3 months ago

Chinese Firm Can Now Produce 500 Cloned Pigs Per Year

zakeria this explains (156 comments)

all the dead pigs that have been found in lakes and rivers up and down the country-side!!!

about 3 months ago

New Class of "Hypervelocity Stars" Discovered Escaping the Galaxy

zakeria The question is (150 comments)

what the hell is chasing it?

about 3 months ago

UK Introduces Warrantless Detention

zakeria Dog poop (153 comments)

if it takes care of the dog crap; then we welcome any law including the death penalty!

about 4 months ago

Anonymous Member Sentenced For Joining DDoS Attack For One Minute

zakeria Re:And they wonder why... (562 comments)

no it isn't, it's akin to riotous behaviour.

about 5 months ago

Google and Microsoft To Block Child-Abuse Search Terms

zakeria 20 years (308 comments)

after using the Internet for 20 years, I have never come across images of child abuse? not once!... from my understanding 99% of this stuff in located on darknets.

about 5 months ago

If Java Is Dying, It Sure Looks Awfully Healthy

zakeria Re: Wake me up... (577 comments)

a "char" would be 8 bits

about 6 months ago



Meteor creates 50ft hole in field

zakeria zakeria writes  |  more than 4 years ago

zakeria (1031430) writes "Baffled officials say a fiery object was spotted plummeting from space at high speed in Latvia last night.
The mystery 'meteor' smashed a 50-foot wide and 16-foot deep hole in a field next to a farm in the north of the Baltic country."

Link to Original Source

Platform dependent licensing

zakeria zakeria writes  |  about 6 years ago

zakeria writes "How do you go about creating different licensing of software code on different platforms? for example I'm currently developing a software library to accelerate the creation of user interfaces in games that use SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) and would like to have it under some form of free software license on Linux but on Windows, Mac and games consoles "excluding Linux" under a commercial license. The reasoning behind this is simply to help push games development on the Linux platform and at the same time help with my income as a self employed developer."

zakeria zakeria writes  |  more than 6 years ago

zakeria writes "Microsoft views its string of deals with Linux vendors — the latest being Linspire, announced this week — as part of a broader companywide push to improve interoperability. That's the word from Tom Robertson, Microsoft's general manager of interoperability and standards, and Jean Paoli, its general manager of interoperability and XML architecture (and a co-creator of the original XML standard). On Friday, the pair published an open letter, again calling on the industry to give the Office Open XML document format a fair shake as a standard. "

zakeria zakeria writes  |  more than 7 years ago

zakeria writes "A CAR dealer in Northern Ireland risked bringing down packed jumbo jets by haggling over motor prices on a dodgy cordless phone. His illegal handset was tuned to the same frequency air traffic controllers use for talking to passenger jets. Pilots feared that the Arthur Daley-style banter about makes and prices of used cars would block out vital instructions from controllers on the ground. Investigators used a spy plane and radio wave detector vans to trace the man and eventually tracked the chatter to a used car yard in Bally — mena, Co Antrim. One pilot said: "We could hear the general chit-chat and talk about cars and phone numbers. But we never heard enough to find out who was talking or where it came from. The interference could have caused very serious problems.""


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