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The Myth of Upgrade Inevitability Is Dead

zakezuke Re:Missing features, Started with ME (597 comments)

Ehm, no. In your logic a baker, butcher of supermarket should ask more for a loaf of bread when the person who buys it has a higher salary. Food is needed to have energy and that energy is used for higher income/profit.

We obviously don't do this for groceries, well, not directly. Grocers tend to offer standard prices for their goods based on the regions they serve, though often neighborhoods where the people can't afford cars tend to enjoy higher prices as they can't comparison shop as much. But you're talking about things bought as an individual vs commercial buying.

Things like movie tickets do offer pricing based on age and one's student status.

For software, there also are student prices. There are also licenses based on whether a product is for commercial use or "home" use. This obviously is done whether you feel it's unfair they don't charge for bread based on income.

more than 5 years ago

The Myth of Upgrade Inevitability Is Dead

zakezuke Missing features, Started with ME (597 comments)

IIRC it was round and abouts of WindowsME that Microsoft got it in their heads to actually restrict some of the network features. Talking about it to a Microsoft employee, their basic "explanation" was that NT and 2k were for businesses and 98 and ME were for the home. I don't have issue with Microsoft having different pricing for businesses, if you're making a profit off their product it makes perfect sense to ask for more.

I don't remember the issue, perhaps it was logging onto a domain. Perhaps they also made it a pain to display all the workgroups on a given network. I don't know. During the win9x/me age, it was more problematic since were programs and hardware that just wouldn't work with NT/2k

So now we have Vista. I have no direct experience with it but from my understanding some features I find "useful" are missing in the home/pro editions. That seems to be the biggest insult and certainly a good reason to avoid the vista 4 flavor insanity. For example I use fax from time to time. Not often, but when dealing with medical shit they use fax. It seems I need business or ultimate vista to do "fax", well either that or get 3rd party support for it.

But like with most people I'm sticking with XP until such time as there is actually a reason to upgrade. I said the same thing about win2k, and unfortunately there was some adobe program that "required" xp.

more than 5 years ago

Should You Get Paid While Your Computer Boots?

zakezuke Re:Scheduled Power Up. (794 comments)

However does anyone else feel this may be payback for employees checking personal e-mail, playing games in their browser, ordering personal items online... Basically wasting time on the company dime.

Can you go home? No? You get paid IMHO. Obviously it's not good to waste money on company time, but the fact of the matter is there often are times of major latency where you need to do "something" to maintain your sanity. Obviously non productive workers should get the sack, that goes without saying, and one should use their breaks and lunch hour to do personal crap.

more than 5 years ago

Should You Get Paid While Your Computer Boots?

zakezuke Re:Yes. (794 comments)

Actually, the service industry is a bad example. I worked at a convenience store for a summer and my wife worked at a coffee shop for a while. Both of us stopped getting paid when the doors were locked despite the fact that there was still cleanup to be done. The theory was that we were supposed to be cleaning as the shift was winding down, but time and customers rarely allowed for that. Crappy summer jobs aren't necessarily comparable to career jobs, however (unless you're unfortunate enough to have a crappy service job as your career) because both of us had the option to leave and take better jobs where we were paid fairly.

Just because it happens in practice doesn't make it legal. IANAL but a good rule of thumb is when you arrive at work, and are ready to work, you get paid. Over a decade ago I did the summer job thing, dishwasher, food service, even some light industrial. All tried to play the game of stiffing pay. Light industrial for example it's common to not pay people for the first hour, just have them wait around until other people show up. Food service, if it's sluggish they would prefer you hang out and drink coffee before getting paid. You got out of bed, you got there ontime, you're working. It doesn't matter if they have nothing for you to do, if you can't go home, you're at work. It often takes a few phone calls to the department of labor to verify this.


more than 5 years ago

Toyota Demands Removal of Fan Wallpapers

zakezuke Re:Silly (594 comments)

How exactly do they own the copyright to images of their product? I thought that kind of logic applied only to pictures of persons.

The ONLY thing I can think of is they own the trademark, but this wouldn't be a copyright issue AFAIK. It goes something like this

You photograph something with our logo on it.
We charge you for use of "our logo"

Now, the obvious solution is to photoshop out the factory logos. The thing is, I'm sure that wouldn't make them happy either since those logos are there for a reason, so people know what kind of car it is on the off chance that they will say "hey, I want that car".

If this is held up in court this would be a bad precedent. Anyone could register a trademark, slap it on everything, and charge you money to photograph.

more than 5 years ago

Google Text Ads For Known Malware Sites

zakezuke Re:Tech support - unsafe site my ass (110 comments)

All of those can be reasonably included in browsing habits, yet changing just one of them, one of adblocker, script-blocker, browser, browser-platform, would have likely made you immune. Change all four of them, still keeping in mind they all fit reasonably within the definition of browsing habits, and the chances of being infected by an ad that's blocked, requiring scripting that's turned off, targeting a browser you aren't running, on an OS that if you run at all, you don't consider secure enough to browse the web with, are practically nil!

I'm sure what is meant is "if you're going to search for vvarzz you're going to get infected". I could change my platform, I could run an ad blocker.

Browser, well, I got infected using firefox v2.0.0.18. I "should" update.

more than 5 years ago

Google Text Ads For Known Malware Sites

zakezuke Tech support - unsafe site my ass (110 comments)

I recently got infected with Antivirus 2008. Googling for a solution, mainly which windows exploit was used to get it on the system I found the following type of comments.

"You are infected with a malware that you picked up because of your browsing habits"

Yeah right, I got infected because of Google Ads, which can be found on many a mainstream site. I actually had just updated my virus definitions (avast), and updated my firewall. My windows updates are not as up to date as they could be, which is rather why I ask which one takes care of this exploit?

The behavior was a forced reboot with no option to run cmd to abort it. After windows said something about not connecting to "all" network drives, which is odd as I don't have any network drives setup. Then the process "brastk.exe" appeared.

more than 5 years ago

Where Have All the Pagers Gone?

zakezuke Pagers are still around (584 comments)

Pager coverage is actually pretty damn good. Come to think about it, I had less issues with pager coverage than cell coverage even though it was obvious they broadcast pages cross a given region, a few states or cross the nation wide network. Service was pretty damned reasonable, about $8/month or so IIRC, about the same as unlimited texts on t-mobile.

Why did I ditch it? Well the pager networks got bought out by other people, changed hands, and they no longer offered some of the handy dandy services they once did, which would include web->page and or e-mail->page without adding a ton of formating data. As in, one could attach a pager to a page reader via TTL serial and issue commands remotely. Mucking with the system resulted in too many garbage characters, and I could either revamp the system or go with something internet based.

But pagers still have their use. Coverage is still pretty damn good.

more than 5 years ago

AVG Virus Scanner Removes Critical Windows File

zakezuke How hard is it (440 comments)

How hard is it for a virus scanner to

1) Move suspicious files to the chest
2) log the changes
3) reboot with a little script that if no successful login in x minuets, restore from last change.

Something like this would be farking useful.

more than 5 years ago

Telco Appeals Minnesota City's Fiber-Optic Win

zakezuke Re:Some libertarian or republican explain to me (162 comments)

how this is 'competition' and 'free market'.

I'm a little confused and the whole free market concept, since market anarchists when asked respond with "we don't need to prove a negative".

But you propose a a city design where essential services (gas, water, power, communications) are offered by both the city and private industry, well they automatically assume that's a market, and by extension justifies their idea of a free market.

Problem is, in order to provide multiple services, you do have to spend more on your infrastructure. You need stronger poles, larger underground conduit, or perhaps separate conduit, and more in the way of system analysis since you have to make sure competing services don't interfere with each other. The monopoly model for essential services does make a fair amount of sense provided the monopoly plays nice. They tend not to play nice, and as a result competition tends to encourage respective companies improve them selves, whether it means prices or quality of service.

more than 5 years ago

Nationwide Domain Name/Yard Sign Conspiracy

zakezuke Re:Do they count as litter? (324 comments)

They are on public property. Am I free to take them? Can I cover them with my own promotional stickers?

Or better yet, can you charge the company for cleanup?

Seriously I understand the need for yard sale signs. That's well and good. There usually are laws on how long you can keep them up.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Discontinues Windows 3.x

zakezuke Why discontinue a software product? (384 comments)

It seems to me that it's somewhat silly to actually "discontinue" a software product. After all, it's software. It's not a physical product. It's something you can download, and it seems somewhat nutty to not accept coin for it if asked.

There are exceptions when you don't want a prior product like XP to compete with a current product, say vista, but win3.1 is some of those cases where there is really no threat of it competing with a current generation product.

I'm not saying that microsoft shouldn't abandon support for win3.1. Far from it, only it seems to make little sense since win3.1 was used on a number of systems, and if you lose your drive and for some reason simply have to have that legacy system operational, there is some wisdom is keeping the product available for purchase. Otherwise you run into some questionable situations where you "need" win3.1 but can't buy it.

IBM for example at one point offered PC DOS 5.0 as a free download. It was a commercial product but by 1998-1999 it had NO commercial value. According to wiki you can get PC-DOS 2000 (Chinese Edition) for free. They seem to understand the value of this being a vital port of legacy systems, and make it available. Microsoft offers a ton of files from their dos distribution available.

That's my only bitch, if you need it, the only solution is hunting around for it, or pirating it.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Discontinues Windows 3.x

zakezuke Re:Why discontinue a software product? (384 comments)

People discontinue products to force people to buy new stuff and, thus, make more money. Next question.

Well, in the automotive world, they make parts for older vehicles. To be honest, I don't know how long they made the parts for the older vehicles. I can get gaskets for 1980s Volvos without a problem, though they do have to be ordered often times from the UK.

But we are not talking a car, we are talking about computers which are often a part of a larger information system. It's sometimes prohibitive to adopt the newest software solution if you are locked into some old obscure hardware.

As far as Microsoft goes, that difference does it really make to them if you buy a copy of xp, Vista, or a copy of 3.1 windows. How about 3.1 windows and a legacy version of word? It's pretty good for for the hardware manufacturers though, I have to admit that.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Discontinues Windows 3.x

zakezuke Re:cash register? (384 comments)

I was at Sears auto center today. I could almost swear that their repair/billing system looks like something written for 3.x running on win95/98.

Can't confirm it one way or another though.

Let me try that again.

Sears AFAIK is still mainframe based with 3270/5250 clients hooking up to a terminal server, over a t-1 to the mainframe.

It became popular in the late 90s to offer PCs with terminal emulation software as terminals were relativly costly, and PCs dropped below $1000 each with monitors.

The last company I know of other than IBM to make 3270/5250 terminal adapters was Attachmate, and those were $500 to $1000 a pop.

If they were on a 486slc PS/2, it would cost too damned much to upgrade from win3.1, and why bother if all you need is a glorified terminal. You "could" upgrade PCs and get something with win98/2k/xp/vista, but unless you already have a PCI terminal adapter, to swap in a new PC would cost $500-$1000 above and beyond the cost of the PC for a glorified terminal.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Discontinues Windows 3.x

zakezuke Re:cash register? (384 comments)

I was at Sears auto center today. I could almost swear that their repair/billing system looks like something written for 3.x running on win95/98.

Can't confirm it one way or another though.

The last time I was at sears auto center, well, it was 2000. I think it was 2000/2001. Anyhow their setup was a 486slc PS/2 with a 3270 or 5250 terminal adapter. Win3.1 would have been the default, and those things were limited to 16 megs of ram even though they were geared to accept more, pesky 486slc limitations.

It wouldn't shock me if they were still on ye'old main frame and they only thing they needed for their billing is terminal emulation software. The last company I knew of who made them was Attachmate According to Wikipedia they own Reflection which was a product by Walker Richard and Quinn. The PCI Attachmate Irma 3270 adapter in it's heyday cost well $500-$1000 for the hardware and software.

You really have to wonder about the wisdom of keeping such a network in service. Odds are pretty decent they are on twisted pair where all the adapters go to centralized terminal server which typically was an IBM product booting from a 5.25 inch 2.44meg disc. It seems rather trivial to upgrade that to something that supports Ethernet rather than a relativly primitive dedicated terminal lines. This is one of those cases where you say "this looks like a job for linux" and you'd be correct. Cisco I'm sure has some offerings for 3270 servers that would do the job. Not that you can't get an ethernet card for ye'old mainframe back east.

But I'm getting side tracked. Sears near as I'm aware uses 3270/5250 terminal emulation on a PC. Win 3.1 @ 16 color is more than adquate for the task.

more than 5 years ago

10 Years Later, Misunderstood DMCA Is the Law That "Saved the Web"

zakezuke It's not perfect. But it's better than nothing? (205 comments)

I have to really wonder about this. The DMCA only applies within US borders. Piracy is alive and well. There is thepirate bay, somewhat lame video sites and, and I can still find a ton of infringing material on Youtube. I can't for example upload a 20 second clip that Sony owns an interest in without it getting pulled based on keywords. I've had to deal with offline storage sites that to be fair take a takedown notice as license to terminate an account period without resolve.

Without the DMCA I have to wonder if the web would still be the wild wild west of 2000, and if so would it actually be better. Piracy is pretty damn good advertising.

more than 5 years ago

3M Launches First Pocket Projector

zakezuke Re:Who needs sound? (187 comments)

Who needs sound when you project goatse from your cellphone on a crowded bus?

Who needs a projector when you can setup a wifi hotpoint with everything redirected to a local cache of goatse.

about 6 years ago



Lakota independence

zakezuke zakezuke writes  |  more than 6 years ago

zakezuke writes "A group called Lakota Freedom Delegation has declared all treaties with the United States void and announced their independence. Russell Means and Phyllis Young informed the US State Department they claim sovereign nation status as seen in this press release. The proposed borders can be seen on this map which include parts of Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.

Will this bold move actually result in a new nation or just an attempt to gain media attention? Are we looking at another Wounded Knee Incident? Either way, wow!"

Link to Original Source


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