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13-Year-Old CEO Steals the Show At TiECON

zaphod_es Re:Stealing childhood (259 comments)

Ah, yes - what a wonderful lesson to teach your child; "You know all those times I said you could be anything you wanted to? Well, I lied. If you want to be a CEO at 13 - you can't be. You want to teach yourself programming? No! Get outdoors. Interested in chemistry? No! Go play with your friends." Etc... Etc...

You have completely missed my point. Yes, teach yourself programming, yes, follow your interest in chemistry. I cannot list everything that a child might do. I thought I covered that when I added "etc etc etc". A child needs a balanced all round education and life experiences and should be encouraged to to try as many as possible. Early specialisation is not usually a good thing even if it does turn out the occasional Bill Gates.

If it is a lie so be it but I will say to a child you cannot be a Doctor today, or an astronaut or a President or a CEO (if I add etc etc etc here I trust you will understand my meaning). The wonderful lesson to teach a child is that he can be any one of them and will have 40 or 50 years to do it. In the mean time prepare for life as an adult rather than pretending to be one.

more than 7 years ago


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