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World's Largest Passenger Plane May Be Unsafe, Some Say

zardie A380 a death-trap; cheap flights ahead! (394 comments)

This proves that the Airbus A380 is 100% unsafe to fly and will result in death if you board one.

Please tell all your friends - I'm hoping that I get some cheaper A380 seats when I travel later this year if we can lower demand.

about 3 years ago

New Dell Laptops Give Users a Literal Shock

zardie PowerBooks have had this for a while.... (383 comments)

The Apple PowerBook G4 aluminium systems have also suffered from this - but only when using the 2-pronged power plug. If I use the actual cable between the power adaptor and the wall (with three pins) then this is no longer an issue.

I believe the MacBook Pros also suffer from this however I haven't tested this.

about 7 years ago


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