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We Need Distributed Social Networks More Than Ello

zaxus Re:Read on for the rest (269 comments)

I've been on Slashdot long enough that I can remember when Bennett Haselton was named Jon Katz....

about 3 months ago

Game Characters Controlled By Player's Emotions

zaxus Re:Hope and Change ? (44 comments)

(Oblig) You mad bro?

Sorry, had to be done.

about 8 months ago

Million Jars of Peanut Butter Dumped In New Mexico Landfill

zaxus Screwed Either Way (440 comments)

Costco is screwed no matter which option they choose here. If they had donated the peanut butter, the headlines would have been "Costco donates potentially tainted peanut butter to NM food banks." Either way, they end up with a tarnished image, even if all of the peanut butter is untainted.

In this case it sounds like the product was damaged anyway, with peanut oil leaking out of the jars, so they made a decision not to sell or donate damaged merchandise. Since they were screwed either way, this was likely the least damaging of the two options.

about 10 months ago

IAU To Uwingu: You Can't Name That Martian Crater Either

zaxus Re:For as little as $5 (125 comments)

FTFY. "Fundraising" implies there's actually something legitimate to raise funds for, like beating cancer, or kids.

I didn't know beating kids was a worthwhile fundraiser....just saying....

about a year ago

How Blockbuster Could Have Owned Netflix

zaxus Re:Fitting rooms (385 comments)

...Jeff Bezos could drive revenues by publicly shitting in to a box of squirrels.

I, for one, would pay to see that, so maybe there are in fact some revenue opportunities in squirrel shitting...who knew?

about a year ago

Canonical Targets Ubuntu Privacy Critic

zaxus Oblig. Freakazoid Reference (259 comments)

"NO! Get out of here with that Ubuntu, and lay off the poor Linux, will ya?! SHEEZE! You're a creep! Go away, we were having a good time until you showed up, Canonical! ARGH! Go have some coffee with cream, or something! Because I'll tell you something! This is a happy place!"

Seriously, I'm going back to Debian after this crap...

about a year ago

USAF Strips 17 Officers of Nuclear Launch Authority

zaxus Re:Always the same (173 comments)

The weak link is always humans.

Which is why we will soon be switching all nuclear launch authority to WOPR and/or Skynet...

about a year and a half ago

New Camera Sensor Filter Allows Twice As Much Light

zaxus A DSLR for Squant (170 comments)

Finally, a DSLR that can detect squant!

about 2 years ago

Intel Details Handling Anti-Aliasing On CPUs

zaxus Re:Bah, humbug, tech writers need help (190 comments)

You know what most people would call embarassingly parallel sex? Infidelity.

Not exactly. Infidelity would be serial (you sleep with your SO, then you sleep with your outside partner). Embarrassingly parallel is more like a 3-way or a circle jerk...

Just sayin'.

more than 3 years ago

Sony Suffers Yet More Security Breaches

zaxus Re:Was it really worth it, Sony? (288 comments)

...sock puppet in prison...

I don't think they can use Slashdot from prison, no matter how many accounts they have...

more than 3 years ago

Australians Look To SkyNet For SKA Telescope

zaxus Re:Can we quit the Skynet references? (59 comments)

No Doubt third wave references will show up. That's the Impression that I Get, anyway...

more than 3 years ago

VMware Causes Second Outage While Recovering From First

zaxus Re:Game Over (215 comments)

NOOO! The cake is a lie!!!!

more than 3 years ago

A Look Inside the Bustling Cybercrime Marketplace

zaxus Re:Cybercriminals? (44 comments)

Semaphore? What kind of weak sauce namby-pamby bullshit is that?

Us real cyber-criminals use smoke signals, n00b.

more than 3 years ago

Erdos' Combinatorial Geometry Problem Solved

zaxus Re:Mildly Ambiguous (170 comments)

I'm sorry, I'm a geek; I don't understand sports metaphors. :-)

more than 3 years ago

Vatican Chooses Open FITS Image Format

zaxus Re:Petabytes (223 comments)

If you have to tell us it's an asshole-ish statement, it's not...oh wait, it was. Nevermind.

more than 4 years ago

The LHC, Black Holes, and the Law

zaxus Re:STFU (467 comments)

"Cats and dogs, living together; mass hysteria!" - Peter Venkman

about 5 years ago

Duke Nukem For Never

zaxus Re:RIP DNF (565 comments)

> ...udder crap...

I'm not typically a grammar nazi, but please people: udders don't crap, they produce milk. The phrase is "utter crap". Thank you. That is all.

more than 5 years ago


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