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Revamped Version of Photosynth Renders Full 3D Cit

zeazzz zeazzz writes  |  about 5 years ago

zeazzz writes "Microsoftâ(TM)s Photosynth, a software that takes 2D images and renders a 3D model of a landmark or particular set of scenery, has been revamped by the University of Washingtonâ(TM)s Graphics and Imaging Laboratory with an improved algorithm that is capable of rendering full cities."
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Guess What? Geek Squad Will Rip Your CD for a Buck

zeazzz zeazzz writes  |  about 5 years ago

zeazzz writes "If you have a music CD and don't know what the hell to do with it, don't worry, Geek Squad is here for the rescue, kind of. For only $1 per CD, they will rip it to either a device, external hard drive, or an MP3 player, and promise to not once call you ignorant for not knowing how to use iTunes."
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What to Expect at Apple's Event Tomorrow

zeazzz zeazzz writes  |  about 5 years ago

zeazzz writes "Apple's annual event held in September is almost always dedicated to upgrading the iPod family. Though there have been many reports that the Apple Tablet will make its highly anticipated debut tomorrow, we probably won't be seeing it until next year. Expect updates only to the iPod lineup and a large update to iTunes. Check the full list of what to expect tomorrow after the break."
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This Tiny Screen Running Windows Fits Over Your Ey

zeazzz zeazzz writes  |  more than 5 years ago

zeazzz writes "Friends, take a look into the future. This tiny screen fits over your eye and accesses a Sony UX380N UMPC, accessing internet and bluetooth capability. None of it is really wireless, and most of it is hooked up directly to the UX380N."
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Meet Steve, the Guy Who is Allergic to Wi-Fi

zeazzz zeazzz writes  |  more than 5 years ago

zeazzz writes "Steve Miller, a club DJ, claims that he can't be around or near a Wi-Fi cloud, or he'll become dizzy and sick. He is part of the 2% of people who suffers from Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)."
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Windows 7 RTM Leaked to BitTorrent

zeazzz zeazzz writes  |  more than 5 years ago

zeazzz writes "Shortly after Windows 7 was given the go ahead to start being manufactured, the full retail RTM build was leaked to BitTorrent all over the internet. Windows 7 Build 7600.16385, which was first found as the Chinese version earlier last week, now finally sits next to the English version on your favorite BitTorrent site."
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Did You Spend Over $1000 On a Computer? It's Proba

zeazzz zeazzz writes  |  more than 5 years ago

zeazzz writes "According to the NDP, in June over 91% of retail (not business) computers sold over $1000 were Macs. Yeah, almost all of Apple's Mac products are over a grand to begin with, and it's kind of tough to find a "well priced" PC under a grand, but it just shows what kind of market Apple really has themselves in."
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