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Lost Northwest Pilots Were Trying Out New Software

zeda Re:This is a non-event. (518 comments)

This is an event, it just occurs at a higher level than you consider.

The autopilot can't fix the errors of the people programming it.

In this case the emergency was that the emergency that the autopilot can't handle reliably wasn't handled.

The biggest responsibility of the human pilots is to be human, i.e. be situationally aware, to ask the "Why?" that the autopilot can't ask.

about 5 years ago

National Debt Clock Overflowed, Extended By a Digit

zeda Re:Clock can run in reverse. (696 comments)

"When the budget had a surplus back in Clinton years,"

What struck me most about those times were all the optmistic projections of surplus. There may or may not have been an actual surplus at the time, but even that is questionable when it turns out all these years that the whole basis of wealth and money was questionable.

So maybe there was a surplus, but in what? Real dollars?

about 6 years ago


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