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Ask Slashdot: 4G Networking Advice For Large Outdoor Festival?

zeridon Survey method - old nokia (140 comments)

For survey purposes i would suggest finding an old nokia (3310 or similar) or some other phone that can have monitor mode enabled (or service menu). It is best if you would be able to slurp the data out of the phone via a cable but spot checks every 5-10 m would be OK (repeat at a minimum of 3 times).

Probably there is a better way but this is the cheapest and fastest way. For more ideas i'd suggest contacting OpenBTS/OpenBSC (as projects for ideas) or Harawd Welte / Dieter Spaar (as persons).

I would not suggest using 4G though (it seems a little bit too spotty and ureliable) if you can get your hands on some MiFi devices it would be better.

Next best option (or even better) would be WiMax (though it depends on availability).

about a year and a half ago

Free Software Activists Take On Google Search

zeridon Released ... come on this is old (254 comments)

Come on guys YaCy has been around since ages. I remember playing with it in something like 2004-2005. This hardly classifies as something new. Yes it is distributed and yes it is easily influenced. Very easily. Not to mention the java crap it was (at least at the time i played with it).

more than 3 years ago

Offline Book "Lending" Costs US Publishers Nearly $1 Trillion

zeridon Re:Dammit... (494 comments)

I really wanna see them trying on this.

As a minimum it will be completely hilarios

about 5 years ago

Palm Pre Does Not Get US Tethering Either

zeridon So fuckin' what (232 comments)

First of all i am not a layer
Second i work in exactly the telecom env
third i am not in the us but in Europe

so taking all that in mind i still got a suckin idiotik phone that is used only as a phone (it does it's job as a phone) as are most of the people in the telco business (excluding managers). In my personal opinion the moment you can use your phone as a regular Modem you are basically unstoppable. And you know using a modem to connect is nothing new revolutionizing or whatever.

Some people said you are going to draw more bw ... then why they are seling unlimited. If it is unlimited it means UNLIMITED. It does not mater that you are one of the measly 0.5% that uses more than 2 TB a month because you know how and can make good use of it.

Also take in mind the following: As much as i despise the Iphone and similiar stuff for claiming being a phone they really are marketed as a multimedia computing platform ... so phone features are just a bonus not main driver (if you don't know/care/dare to use the other features ... well you need simpler "stick that can talk". Any Goddamn forsaken stupid app that can leach at tremendous rates even being deployed on a "phone" is not a wise move and they've called it upon themselvs so they've got to live with it

Everybody oversells, telcos oversell enormously and of course win enourmously.

End point of the topis is "If i can get to the modem i can and i will use it and nobody can prove otherwise"

PS: excuse my typing mistakes ... it's a bit late and i am up for about 60 hours already ...

more than 5 years ago

"Privacy Baseline" For European EID Cards

zeridon Re:where are all the europeans? (24 comments)

Here ...
Now ... it is 6PM (GMT) where do you think normal people are ... traveling home maybe ...

Just let me finish reading and maybe i will rant

more than 5 years ago

Watch the Obama Inauguration With Moonlight

zeridon Re:Oh God no! (197 comments)

I indeed second ...

What the hell is an inaguration (don't explain me i know) something boring, some speeches, some ... stupid stuff. I really don't care about this shit. I care almost that much who the US president is. So ... PLEASE cut the crap.

about 6 years ago

Intel Unveils 6-Core Xeon 7400

zeridon Re:Base 2 (235 comments)

see amd ... they have 3 cores in one chip and the shit fares prety well

more than 6 years ago



Setting up a wargame server

zeridon zeridon writes  |  more than 7 years ago

zeridon writes "I am touting at the moment with setting up a Wargame server. The main idea being to educate users in risks and treats of security, research, reverse engineering and such.
Typical examples of wargame servers are the ones from Pullthe plug http://www.pulltheplug.org/wargames/

My questions are:

Can you advise on level of complexity? — i mainly intend to target medium to advanced users (but unfortunately i hardly make a distinction)
Can you advise on software to be used?
Which environment is better? virtual machines, real machines, some faked simulation?
What forensic tools to be deployed? tripwire and snort are good candidates
Should i record all the generated traffic for later analysis etc?
Have you ever stumbled on a tool/framework/general howto for realizing such service?
Ald finaly Can you propose some subject/theme? — I am kinda tempted to create something based on The Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy but that's prety distant for the younger people (at least in my country)

And yes, please excuse me for my many questions *WINK*"


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