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Cubicle security for laptops and misc electronics

zgregoryg Securing a running laptop (2 comments)

While I was in a cube I actually locked my running laptop within a large metal filing cabinet and used it for RDC with no problems. The volume of air within the cabinet was sufficient enough that the air could circulate and be cooled by the metal exterior. Of course I was not running my CPU and disks at 100% for long periods of time. :-) If you boss is willing, why not purchase a small 3 U locking rack and put that in your cube. You could then use 1 U for your laptop and the rest of misc. storage. Sweet!

more than 6 years ago


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Don't Listen To Naysaysers; Go For It!

zgregoryg zgregoryg writes  |  more than 7 years ago

I've seen a couple of Ask Slashdot questions about whether people are too old to enter tech or science and numerous naysayers posting replies. Don't listen to them and here's why:

I was a commercial photographer for years with not too much interest in computing until the advent of GUI, which sparked my interest to try apps like Aldus Photostyler and Photoshop.

I then became interested in the Internet as a means to post my portfolio and as soon as I learned about the browser 'View Source' I became hooked on learning HTML.

Then came Linus Torvalds and his free OS which really appealed to me, so I downloaded YDL and created a dual-boot system on my Mac PowerPC 8600 and that was it; I was so hooked and I realized computing was for me. I learned Perl on my own then took some extension classes at UCLA in Unix Programming and Admin as well as C.

Long story short, I am now 44 years old and work for a major ISP in Information Security developing custom apps, etc. All on only a High School diploma!

Bottom line, if I can do it so can anyone so GO FOR IT and DON'T THINK TWICE! :-)

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