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Why Your Phone Gets OTA Updates But Your Car Doesn't

zidane2k1 OTA seems excessive...How about USB? (305 comments)

How about firmware updates that a user can just download off the manufacturer's website, save on a USB stick, and insert it into a USB port somewhere on the dash?

A little less convenient than OTA, but with lesser risks, and still a whole lot more convenient than going to the dealer's service department.

about 8 months ago

What Happens When IPv4 Address Space Is Gone

zidane2k1 December 21, 2012 (520 comments)

The day we run out of IPv4 addresses.

more than 4 years ago

Windows Home Directory Encryption?

zidane2k1 Re:EFS? (121 comments)

Yeah. It isn't open source, but the OP didn't seem to "require" it. Also, EFS isn't available on XP Home or Vista Home, but if he has the pricier editions then it's no problem.

more than 5 years ago

Long-Term PC Preservation Project?

zidane2k1 Re:Also CF Card (465 comments)

2 + 2 = .... What? I can't read it anymore! 5? Yeah, must be 5, gonna write that in...

Back to flash memory cards, I really wasn't aware that the data could decay that quickly.

Hey, so does that mean that my Mario Kart 64 scores will actually fade away quicker than my Super Mario Kart ones (which are stored on battery-backed SRAM)? (Yeah, I know I'm really starting to go OT on this one)

more than 5 years ago

Long-Term PC Preservation Project?

zidane2k1 Re:I've thought about this (465 comments)

Speaking of punch cards, I do wish I could have somehow had the opportunity to see how those things were created and used. I mean, I see pictures and text on the Internet describing that, but it would be nice to have seen it actually happening, even if it were just in a video.

Now back to the OP's actual topic, somehow I think only "geek" type people (like me) would really care all that much about PC preservation.

more than 5 years ago

CueCat Patent Granted, Finally

zidane2k1 Re:A day late and $40 Million Dollars Short (184 comments)

Probably not. The company that ran the advertising service (Digital Convergence) is long gone, iirc. (You could still find these on eBay, though.)

more than 5 years ago


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