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Mt. Gox Knew It Was Selling Phantom Bitcoin 2 Weeks Before Collapse

zifn4b Re:The Free Market (263 comments)

You have Libertarianism wrong. Libertarians are not against regulation, they are against regulation that would restrict people's freedom unjustly. Libertarianism != anarchy. Libertarianism = a balance between fiscally conservative and socially liberal. The ultra-conservative folks are the ones you're looking for. They love Laissez-Faire Capitalism.

about a month ago

What Makes a Genius?

zifn4b Re:Oh oh I know! (190 comments)

And apparently the lack of ability to correctly use the preview option :( insert("create", "to", "great");

about 3 months ago

What Makes a Genius?

zifn4b Oh oh I know! (190 comments)

A maniacal cackle, an evil grin and an uncanny ability to great doomsday devices?

about 3 months ago

EA Caves: SimCity Offline Mode Coming

zifn4b Re:Not for me (198 comments)

The market is not free for several reasons, two directly related to EA and one not so directly.

It's free in the sense that everyone can vote with their wallet. Lack of sales will put market pressure on EA to change if they are interested in their bottom line which, as we all know, is the only thing that really matters to them. Hit them where it hurts and they will change.

about 3 months ago

How to Avoid a Target-Style Credit Card Security Breach (Video)

zifn4b Re:Use cash (146 comments)

Nothing else needed, why are we even discussion this?

Not everyone wants to walk around with $1000+ in cash in their pocket so they can make a big purchase. And when you lose cash, it's really lost to you - if someone steals the cash from your pocket, there's little hope of recovery unless they happen to catch the thief, at least if they steal your credit card, you can report the fraud and get your money back.

Um you didn't even point out the obviously flaw in today's day and age of using cash especially among slashdotters. So, I should stuff $2,000 in an envelope with purchase order and mail it to NewEgg to purchase the parts for my next gaming rig? NOT! "I'm sorry sir, but there was no cash in the envelope you sent us. Can you try re-sending it?" It really drives me nuts when snarky people are like just use cash! Oh yeah let's just drop the e-commerce market that's been built up around the internet and been an economic boon and go back to the dark ages. How about let's make electronic purchases better? Or better yet how about companies hire better people and/or train the people to follow best security practices?

about 4 months ago

Sun Not a Significant Driver of Climate Change

zifn4b Re:What about the Little Ice Age? (552 comments)

Honestly, I don't think the problem is that people don't really know this and are arguing against the human effect of carbon emissions on our planet's environment. The problem is our modern society at its foundation is completely based on carbon based fuel and combustion engines. A group of brilliant scientists, no matter how intelligent or correct they are, is not going to convince the entire modern world to stop what it's doing, shut down society and restructure it for the long term health of the planet.

Two things to note about this: 1) That would have a devastating impact because of the chaos it would create and 2) There's not enough motivation because it's not going to affect anyone currently here in their lifetime. By the time it's a problem, it will be a future generation and it will be too late.

Now I know this is a bitter bill for geeks to swallow but you'll have to negotiate the win/win, not just use pure logic. Fortunately, you're the smart group and what you should use your intelligence for is to find an economically equivalent or better, cleaner, environment friendly source of energy and propulsion. Get to work! We're depending on you to solve the problem.

about 4 months ago

Mark Zuckerberg Gives $990 Million To Charity

zifn4b Shares? (230 comments)

Why not just cash out some shares and donate the money to various charities? Is there some advantage for charities to actually hold the shares of Facebook?

about 4 months ago

NSA Says It Foiled Plot To Destroy US Economy Through Malware

zifn4b Re:NSA failed to halt subprime lending, though. (698 comments)

And Iraq had WMDs. And the NSA never lied to congress or the people... how stupid do they think we are?

Since this is slashdot let's apply mathematical induction to your proposition. One lie is either bad or inconclusive but two or more lies are good. The fact that we argue to prove this is what makes us stupid and enables us to be tricked over and over and over again by our leaders.

about 4 months ago

NASA's Next Frontier: Growing Plants On the Moon

zifn4b Re:Weed and Dandilions (193 comments)

I honestly would not be surprised if Canadian Thistles would grow there. Those are the heartiest weeds I've ever dealt with. You spray weed killer on them for years and they still come back.

about 5 months ago

The Pentagon May Retire "Yoda," Its 92-Year-Old Futurist

zifn4b Re:Interesting (254 comments)

Let me re-word that for you: Saw it coming, he never did.

about 6 months ago

Should the U.S. bomb Syria?

zifn4b Re:should slashdot be asking if the U.S. should bo (659 comments)

For me, it's like this: you're sitting in a nice restaurant, minding your business, when some guy starts up arguing and fighting with his wife and yelling at his kids. Now, it's none of your business, but it's sure uncomfortable. Then, he up and smacks her, and starts hitting his kids. And then does it again. People yell at him from around the restaurant, but noone does anything else, and he smacks her again. So, do I/we have a responsibility to stop the guy? I mean, the family spat is none of our business, right? But when he starts hitting the wife and kids and won't stop, don't we have to do something? It's not about taking sides or figuring out who's right or wrong in the spat or what the outcome for me personally would be, and I'm sure as hell not a cop, but I just have to stop it. Even if it means violence. It's just the human thing to do.

No it's not the same thing. It's more like all the restaurant patrons signed an agreement to be able to be patrons of the establishment. They all agreed that there would be no violence in the establishment. One person sneaks in without signing the agreement and decides to commit a violent act in the establishment and receives the appropriate response based on the terms of the agreement. Failure to do anything to enforce the agreement renders the agreement meaningless.

Come back with a better metaphor after you read up on the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993.

about 7 months ago

When it comes to (download) bandwidth needs, I require..

zifn4b Re:Comcast... (279 comments)

Or notional 46k dialup, where that was the best you could theoretically get. (similar to ADSL in many respects)

It was 56k dialup and that's correct, it was only theoretical. No one ever connected at 56k. Back in that day there were two competing standards K56Flex and USR. USR was the superior standard and I think it could connect every once in awhile at 52 or 53k if the line quality was pristine. I always thought it was funny how the USR 56k handshake always sounded like something bouncy.

about 8 months ago

When it comes to (download) bandwidth needs, I require..

zifn4b Re:Comcast... (279 comments)

Oh, this takes me back. Running X on a P166 and having pppd configured to automatically re-dial and keep the connection alive.

about 8 months ago

QuakeCon 2013: Carmack On Next-Gen Console Hardware

zifn4b Handheld Gaming Market (136 comments)

I disagree with Carmack's assessment that the handheld gaming market is being consumed by mobile devices. The games available for tablets and phones are VERY inferior compared to handheld gaming devices. There have only been a few worthwhile games for the iPad that I've found such as Tales from Monkey Island, Kingdom Rush and Machinarium are all great games but there are so few good titles to choose from. There are tons of great titles to choose from on 3DS and PS Vita though.

The mobile market is still primarily about casual games like Words with Friends. For games with more depth, you'll be hard-pressed to find that with the exception of a few gems like the ones I mentioned above.

about 9 months ago

IQ Test Pegs ConceptNet 4 AI About As Smart As a 4-Year-Old

zifn4b Re:More like autistic-savant 4 year old (121 comments)

I need to get out of IT before I have to support one of these "intelligent" systems when it has a temper tantrum!

about 9 months ago

Creationist Bets $10k In Proposed Literal Interpretation of Genesis Debate

zifn4b Re:Easy... (1121 comments)

Grow up. Realize these are just fairy tales. You're probably big enough to decide for yourself what's good and bad. No need for a 2000 years old book for that.

Oh great let's throw the baby out with the bath water. What moral doctrine do you subscribe to anyway? I'd rather teach my kids some values in the Bible, especially Romans 12 than let them be brainwashed by pop culture and advertising that will preach anything to make a buck including demoralizing women and encouraging voracious consumption to the detriment of the consumer! That makes for a great society with fantastic values especially in America. A bunch of citizens subscribing to the doctrine of debt, debauchery, selfishness and gluttony. So, enlighten us, oh wise one. What should we all follow that will make our countries filled with better citizens and more prosperity?

1 year,23 days

"Lazarus Project" Clones Extinct Frog

zifn4b Re:Intelligent Design (154 comments)

There are no such arguments. Intelligent design is just a smoke screen to get creationism into schools.

You are very ignorant. Just because organized religion has its shortcomings isn't a reason to bash a much more sound explanation of the the origin of the universe. Intelligent Design is not the same thing as creationism or religion. You, sir, need to understand meta thinking. You know the system outside the system? Outside the box my friend. :) Our universe has a set of constant properties. Intelligent Design merely asks the question "Where did these properties come from?" Who decided there was gravity, electromagnetism, photons, protons, neutrons, neutrinos, quantum entanglement and any number of different fundamental building blocks that are all finely in balance with each other to allow this universe to have existed for billions of years in amazing harmonious balance.

Let me guess my Atheist friend, it all emerged from chaos. Where did the chaos come from? Report back when you have a better explanation than a very intelligent Architect that has intelligence so vastly superior to ours that we cannot even begin to comprehend it. I patiently await your response.

about a year ago

Microsoft Blames PC Makers For Windows Failure

zifn4b Re:I've Seen Touch Screens For Years (913 comments)

I think Microsoft is trying to create a market of PCs that act like tablets, when that market doesn't really exist. If people wanted touch screens, they could get them today. Most users either want a tablet or a traditional computer. The users who want both usually want them as separate devices.

I don't think that last bit is necessarily true. I would buy a laptop with a touch screen built-in but I'm certainly not going to pay a premium price for it. I think consumers like me are looking at it like "that's cool but it isn't worth the price." Give it to me for free and more discounted and I may adopt it.

The other thing is Windows 8 pretty much kicked the mouse/keyboard user in the balls when there are a plethora of tasks that can be done with a mouse and keyboard but not realistically with a touch screen. Maybe I could do some graphic design with a stylus but who does that with the screen tilted up? Graphic tablets are different.

In a nut shell, Microsoft doesn't understand the market, doesn't understand its customers and doesn't understand its partners. That is why they are failing to capitalize.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do I Get My Spouse To Start Gaming With Me?

zifn4b Guess it depends on the girl (550 comments)

Some girls don't like games but here are some to try that the female population seems to be more receptive to in my experience:

Party Games: Guitar Hero, Mario Party, Wii Party, Scene It, Monopoly Streets
Multiplayer Platformers: Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Country, Little Big Planet
Puzzle Games: Bejeweled, Peggle, Hidden Object Games like Mystery Case Files
Adventure Games: Back to the Future (big hit with my fiancee, we played through the whole thing)

For the more girly girls, you might need to go with something with the "cute" factor. Little Big Planet is especially good at this one. You can put stickers on stuff and dress your sack boy/girl. It's also multiplayer. Co-op is usually a plus.

about a year ago

Java Vs. C#: Which Performs Better In the 'Real World'?

zifn4b Re:Language is hardly relevant (437 comments)

Assembly is the only way to go when it comes to database oriented web apps.

This is what I find funny about C++ zealots who hate .NET and java. Interestingly enough, Microsoft had an incubating effort to build a "framework" called Casablanca that would give C++ developers an easy way to host a web server or a RESTful web service. Part of the C++11 standard is incorporating features in languages like C# and java. It's interesting to watch the pendulum shift back and forth and the philosophical arguments being argued from ivory towers.

about a year ago


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