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How Japan Plans To Build Orbital Solar Power Stations

zipherx Where can i apply? (230 comments)

I would like to apply for a part time job at the new facility in space.


about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Preparing For Windows XP EOL?

zipherx Re:No problem (423 comments)

Seriously not a good reason. Problem is, people who can not accept how IT works, and evolve, should just use pen and paper and be safer for it.

Or they will just suffer the consequences, or the rest of us will, whenever their pc become part of a botnet.
Yes, there are systems that are running equipment, which has to run its life before it can be retired along with whatever version of any operating system it came with. It is just how it is, and those who are responsible for those systems will just have to sandbox them the best they can.
But honestly any private person, who is not running expensive equipment (no your US robotics 33.6 modem is NOT part of that list), have about zero excuses for running a 13 year old system. Djeez!

about 9 months ago

The Death of the American Drive-in

zipherx A different view (236 comments)

In Denmark we have Zulu sommerbio [http://zulu.dk/zulu-sommerbio] that has been quite popular, but often been not worth attending due to weather. To me the american way, having drive-in movies, is really one piece of culture that was unique.

about a year ago

Slashdot Turns 15, What Are You Doing Later?

zipherx Commenters are worth it! (247 comments)

I have been reading /. for about all the time I have really worked in IT, when a few friends and I started out Cybercafe back in Martch '97. The era of Quake and IRC, I will never forget.
Thanks for all the news, and the great comments, who, most of the time are worth spending quite alot of time reading (more interesting than the actual news) ;)

Have some nice parties, "overthere".

more than 2 years ago

Julian Assange To Be Extradited To Sweden

zipherx You got me... i read (530 comments)

I read it first as to be exectured in sweeden... ugh. -jc

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft IE Browser Share Dips Below 50%

zipherx MS should use webkit or gecko (297 comments)

This is so obvious, if Microsoft could just jump boat with either webkit or gecko, (or other open alternative) instead of developing their own crap.

more than 4 years ago

Google Offers Encrypted Web Search Option

zipherx Firefox search bar with ssl? (288 comments)

I tried googling for a plugin to the search bar but to no avail. Do anyone know away to fix that?

more than 4 years ago

Firefox Is Lagging Behind, Its Co-Founder Says

zipherx Re:Bloated over time? (646 comments)

I have used FF since 1 and have never experienced this sort of behavior. Although I have experienced a similar behavior using some pc's but that was everything that had that cycle you are mentioning, not firefox.

more than 4 years ago

A Look Under Western Digital's Hood

zipherx Re:I don't seem to have any problem with them (131 comments)

I also have been using raptor drives for years now and still have 4 of them running in boxes.. i have had zero failures so far.

more than 4 years ago

Best Practices For Infrastructure Upgrade?

zipherx If you want a virtual environment (264 comments)

If you want a virtual environment, witch in my experience is really easy to administer, you need some sort of SAN or iSCSI environment. Then you have a base for attaching the needed computing power to this storage solution. It will be costly to start up, mostly be course of the rather powerful switches you need to get. Those are easy 10K a piece.
We just set up a brand new virtual environment at my work (university it department serving about 5k people), the trick is really to get the infrastructure in place, network connectivity, and backbone/power redundancy etc. Then we are adding R710 Dell boxes, with 50GB ram(we are upgrading all 5 of them to 128GB next year) and 2x Quad core Xeons, those are cheap, only about 7k a piece. The processing power of those new Nahelem Xeons are awesome! Can definitely recommend.
For a not to expensive SAN i would recommend Dell's Equilogic boxes, they have all the new features, while being robust and built redundant (2 storage controllers, psu's etc), the basic box with 40TB is about 70k.

Since the main concern in my eyes are your aging hardware, you need to migrate one way or the other. Maybe just P2V'ing the old stuff to a vm is not desirable, if you need to update all software. Otherwise it is a easy way to move your old server in a convenient and safe way.

good luck.

about 5 years ago

Has Sci-Fi Run Out of Steam?

zipherx One who still got steam (479 comments)

Is Ian M. Banks!! He is writing some of the best Sci-Fi these days, one of he's latest is "Matter" wikipedia, do yourself a favor and read all of he's novels, they are so invigorating for the genre.

more than 4 years ago

AMD Radeon HD 5970 Dual-GPU Card Sweeps Benchmarks

zipherx Re:Fix your damn drivers! (201 comments)

This is exactly the reason why, we at my Internet cafe, have used nvidia for the last 9 years. I really want to see nice competition to nvidia, just to get new products faster, but....... really they need to make unified driver model like nvidia, and actually strive to make it work on ALL platforms, before they will get more market share.

Right now, it is only the people who just see benchmarks and buy. The rest of us can then enjoy a 100% stable system with nvidia, thanks. Having a 8800GT on third year now, is still a thrill.. and i run all the newest games in 1920x1280. (mostly playing rpg and strategy games though, no fps's)

more than 5 years ago

Intel Updates SSDs, Supports TRIM, Faster Writes

zipherx Re:If that's your Christmas... (112 comments)

No need for sarcasm, I was just happy to see the news, it is the first time i have gotten a hardware upgrade like that for free.

more than 5 years ago

Intel Updates SSDs, Supports TRIM, Faster Writes

zipherx Feels like x-mas (112 comments)

Well, i just got a 160GiB G2 less than a month ago, so this is surely really nice, thanks Intel!
It was already very nice, and it did not take much time to get used to the awesome speed of things, especially when I use vmware workstation with ubuntu to administer my nix boxes from. It starts in 2 seconds, and resume the vm in afew seconds aswell, really great for that!
I hope the update process is not to difficult, and data destructive... maybe i should read TFA?! :)

more than 5 years ago

No Dedicated Servers For CoD: Modern Warfare 2

zipherx The halflife of Half-Life (313 comments)

Seriously, even the former COD World at War, had sucky dedicated support, as they officially only made a windows version, the linux server was community created.., and i never got it to work. I mean, why can they not learn from the most success full games out there (half-life!) that had a half-life on about 10 years be course they made really good linux server support, created a really nice open mod system and generally was some jolly nice lads.

Somehow I have a feeling the pc gaming industry is trying to screw themself over.. with steam leading the way followed closely by Activision.
I have a cyber cafe in denmark, we have been in the pc gaming business since '97, and it is getting worse and worse to make new games work properly. Steam is playing a big part here, as we have a cafe license from them, and are locked in.. well fine, it works okay. But new games coming out on steam like "Dawn of War 2", we can not make work with our cafe steam accounts. No we have to make new accounts etc.. it is just so messed up.. arrrrrrrgggg

more than 5 years ago

New Motorcycle World Speed Record, 367.382 mph

zipherx Re:Motorcycle? (253 comments)

"World's Fastest Indian" - just really liked that movie, it had such a nice chill-out rhythm to it.

more than 5 years ago

Up To 90 Percent of US Money Has Traces of Cocaine

zipherx Re:Drugs (441 comments)

You are on track of something here.. i only use cash to buy marijuana, anything else - credit card.

more than 5 years ago

Gaming On Windows 7

zipherx Re:PC gaming is dead. (554 comments)

And just to support your post, it would be unwise to forget any mmopg, that are ALL running on pc's only.

more than 5 years ago

Gaming On Windows 7

zipherx Nice but still has issues (554 comments)

If anyone of you have a large collection of music and video's, and use windows 7 with WMP, you will notice how the system still hangs itself outright when it indexes time after time after time.......... i know, maybe i have a good lot of media stuff, but still the OS is not aware of say a MPC i have open watching a movie. So yes, it will start indexing again, and make the movie stutter. The thing that i could track it to, was that wmpnetwork part, was indexing all my stuff to be searchable for my nonexistant networked pc's who allso supposedly would be playing from my pc. So i am now in a lucky position, that MS have made WMP uninstallable, now that its gone, i am really liking the OS okay. But i could imagine they should fix the issue with the system not recognizing a video bieng played by another program, be course it sucks as it is.

more than 5 years ago


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