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Root Password Readable in Clear Text with Ubuntu

zippity8 Colin Watson's response was very professional (520 comments)

He patched it within hours today, and posted to osnews with a description of what happened. He also posted a copy on the ubuntu forums page including details of what happened. It affects clean installs of breezy, and dapper upgrades from a breezy install, but not hoary or a clean dapper. hoary = 5.04 breezy = 5.10 dapper = not officially released yet

more than 8 years ago



zippity8 zippity8 writes  |  about 8 years ago

zippity8 writes "If you're on Slashdot, then it's fairly safe to say that you know what open source is all about. Cambrian House is attempting to tweak the open source model with a form of profit sharing, building on the crowdsourcing approach to software. The idea is to contribute to a project that you believe will be successful, in the hopes that it will turn a profit and that you will eventually be paid. The whole process is described, and it already looks like they have found a way to harness the community's power to build a massive collection of ideas!"


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