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Ubuntu To Switch To systemd

zixxt Sigh. (279 comments)

Ubuntu is just another in a long list of Linux distribution sellouts sucking Lennart Poettering's tainted jizz coated code.

Gentoo, Slackware, BSD please save us.

about 6 months ago

Nokia Turns To Android To Regain Share In Emerging Markets

zixxt Hmmm. (146 comments)

I guess selling your soul to the devil(Microsoft) did not work as well as planned did it Nokia?

about 6 months ago

South Carolina Education Committee Removes Evolution From Standards

zixxt Thank Allah! (665 comments)

As people get smarter then the myth of evolution will die.

about 6 months ago

Debian Technical Committee Votes For Systemd Over Upstart

zixxt Re:So Long Debian! (379 comments)

systemd is the init system equivalent of Beta. Fuck Beta. Fuck Lennart too.

LOL true Dat.

The gentoo community hates systemd you will be most welcome.


about 6 months ago

Debian Technical Committee Votes For Systemd Over Upstart

zixxt So Long Debian! (379 comments)

As a current Debian(testing,Jessie) user this strikes me as a bad choice. However I am thankful that there other sane distros not drinking Lennart Poettering's brain cell killing kool-aid. So I say hail o/ to the Linux Distros not selling their souls, Slackware, Gentoo , Ubuntu thank you guys for not being retards and seeing the suckyness of systemd.

Seems I will have to migrate off Debian pretty soon. It was a good year I had with Debian but with this it seems Debian as chosen to be a follower, a kool aid drinker and a also ran instead of being unique. Thank you Lennart for killing off another distro for me to love.

about 6 months ago

Apple, Amazon, Microsoft & More Settle Lawsuits With Boston University

zixxt Re:Patent on blue LEDs? (129 comments)

Mere ideas cannot be patented, contrary to what many Slashdot posters would like you to believe.

Cant tell if serious or funny.

about 6 months ago

International Space Station Mission Extended To 2024

zixxt Yes! (104 comments)

Yes! Thats All.

about 7 months ago

New Study Shows One-Third of Americans Don't Believe In Evolution

zixxt One-Third of Americans Are not Sheep (1010 comments)

Those who choose to believe in evolution are lemmings and followers of the flock with no free thought, the good news is at least 1/3 of Americans are not brainwashed and can think independently.

about 7 months ago

X.Org Server 1.15 Brings DRI3, Lacks XWayland Support

zixxt Re:Good! (340 comments)

No. I just like network-transparent applications. It was one of the main draws that I had toward Linux almost 20 years ago, and is why I still use it today.

(My home Linux boxen are all headless, and they can stay that way for all I care. If I want to run something graphical, it's trivial with X.)

(And no: VNC is more of a problem than it is a solution.)

Modern X(org,server.. et.el) really is not network transparent unless you are just talking about TWM mixed in with a xclock or an xterm, most modern apps and even window managers that are built on top of modern gui toolkits and/or extensions are not compatible with the basic X library which makes X network transparent. Most of what makes X tick now and days will not scale over the average network and you will be left with a lame ass system if you try. As such if you want to use your modern desktop environment over a network prepared to and plan to pull your hair out because you are relying on such outdated tech norms.

Wayland is the future and the way forwards fellow *inx junkies.

about 7 months ago

Interview: Bruce Sterling Answers Your Questions

zixxt Fiction (34 comments)

We've gone away from science because our whole society's gone away from science. We're in a science-hostile society now, it's politically dominated by Creationists and climate denialists.

Its funny because both Creationists and so called climate change denialists are the ones not brainwashed by the right wing world fascist elite(illuminati) to believe in things that are works of pure fiction. So it is science "fiction" is to believe in evolution and that there is such a thing as man made global warming.

about 7 months ago

Getting Evolution In Science Textbooks For Texas Schools

zixxt Re:I'm Okay With This (710 comments)

There is no bigger religious myth than evolution.

about 8 months ago

Getting Evolution In Science Textbooks For Texas Schools

zixxt Re:I'm Okay With This (710 comments)

Evolution is nonsense. But so is a lot of social science and history that you currently do find in text books.

Ultimately, if you insist on a standard curriculum for everybody, that curriculum is going to become a political football and it's going to be abused by politicians.


about 8 months ago

Getting Evolution In Science Textbooks For Texas Schools

zixxt Re:Stop being reasonable (710 comments)

There are several pieces above by posters who try to logically and calmly explain why they are against the teaching of creationism, or the weakening of the teaching of evolution as the accepted theory.

Its only accepted by racist Nazi communists like you.

about 8 months ago

Interview: Ask Limor Fried About Open-Source Hardware and Adafruit

zixxt Re:My Hero (139 comments)

So, your argument is that since you and your buddy are assholes who are prone to throwing around homophobic sexual smears in private, women should be thankful that you aren't also misogynistic pigs in public as well?

Why do you have to call names? And why be a hypocrite?

about 8 months ago

Getting Evolution In Science Textbooks For Texas Schools

zixxt Re:Double standards... (710 comments)

And evolutionists do not want students to think critically when it comes to evolution.

Cuts both ways, that knife does.

So true.

about 8 months ago

Puzzled Scientists Say Strange Things Are Happening On the Sun

zixxt Re:The winter is coming (342 comments)

Another Ice Age? We are still in the late-middle to tail end of the current Ice Age.

about 9 months ago

Your Next Network Operating System Is Linux

zixxt Re:OpenBSD (192 comments)

Why use Linux when you could use OpenBSD? We've been running OpenBSD routers for quite some time now and their networking is far better, consistent and more robust than in Linux. Just having PF alone is reason enough to use OpenBSD.


Why use Linux? Because Linux has a more stable, scalable, faster and more robust network stack than OpenBSD.

about 9 months ago

Windows 8.1 Rolls Out Today

zixxt Re:Meh (398 comments)

That's quite silly. Considering this brings back the missing features that everyone was missing like a start button and boot to desktop. This puts it on par and better in many ways than Windows 7.

The start button does not doing anything useful. And its still missing the Start Menu, and I very much prefer Aero over the ugly flatness of Windows 8 metro interface.

about 9 months ago

The Chip That Changed the World: AMD's 64-bit FX-51, Ten Years Later

zixxt Re:Before AMD committed suicide (259 comments)

This is why a mid-range Intel part (Say, an Intel Core i5-4670K) can handily (and significantly) beat AMD's top-of-the-line desktop CPU (An FX-8350)

Really? CPU Benchmarks says

  i5-4670K - 7531

  AMD FX-8350 - 9091

A comparable Intel chip would have to be closer to i7-3820, not your i5. Perhaps your benchmarks are a little crappy?

Anyway, AMD is far more $$$ efficient for typical desktop. Yes, including any thermal envelope differences.

Finally some facts.

about 10 months ago



GNOME Rotting In Threes

zixxt zixxt writes  |  about a year and a half ago

zixxt (1547061) writes "I have never gotten into the KDE vs GNOME debates, so this is not GNOME bashing, nor, as you’ll soon see, are these systemic development problems limited to GNOME. Yet what I’m hearing is that with GNOME v3 the goal is to promote their “brand” and make it dominant, in part by greatly limiting what users can change on their own systems, and partly by breaking or simply removing whatever support they’re no longer promoting as ‘The Way’. The reach of this selfish and narrow-sighted development goes beyond GNOME and affects GTK apps in general."
Link to Original Source

GNOME: Staring into the abyss.

zixxt zixxt writes  |  about 2 years ago

zixxt (1547061) writes "GTK+ Developer Benjamin Otte talks about the stagnation and decline of the Gnome Project. He describes how core developers are leaving GNOME development, how GNOME is understaffed, why GNOME is a Red Hat project and why GNOME is losing market and mind share. Is the Gnome project on its deathbed?"
Link to Original Source

Sparrow's acquisition highlights the dangers of closed source

zixxt zixxt writes  |  about 2 years ago

zixxt (1547061) writes "Google has now acquired Sparrow, and basically all hell has broken loose, to the point of Rian van der Merwe writing that 'we' lost "faith in a philosophy that we thought was a sustainable way to ensure a healthy future for independent software development, where most innovation happens".

The result of Google buying Sparrow (for $25 million) is that all major development on the email clients is to end — only security and bugfixes from now on. The Sparrow team will find its way to Googe's Gmail team, and will, hopefully, work on future native Gmail applications (instead of glorified web pages). As a small, starting business, it makes perfect sense for Sparrow to accept this offer — their financial future has been secured, and they get to work at Google without the pressure and stress of working at a small startup.

The one, only, and true way to ensure this doesn't happen is to use open source software. If the code is out there, the original developer's changing whims is of no material concern. Had Sparrow been open source, we'd have several other people starting forks right away."

Link to Original Source


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