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How Should a Non-Techie Learn Programming?

znice Learn Unix (346 comments)

I have found that far and away the most important thing that my Computer Science program at University has required of me is that I learn Unix. Both of the scripting languages that you mention (PHP and Python) are, in a sense, descended Bash/Shell, and you will find that most of what you will be doing with them is automating procedures that could otherwise (though less practically) be accomplished via command-line utilities like cat, sed, grep, wget/cUrl, etc. The internet is essentially built up around Unix paradigms (those "/"s in URLs: the Unix directory separator, and full URL paths are generally representative of the contents of an actual subdirectory -- the web root -- on the server. I'm sure I'm telling most slashdotters something that they have known since their early teens, but the question is being asked by a beginner), so knowing how to work a Unix (or Posix) OS like any one of the major Linux distributions will be invaluable for you and, I would say, should be your starting point.

more than 4 years ago

Android 2.0 SDK Released, Google Maps Navigation Announced

znice Still no decent sound APIs! (121 comments)

Lots of stuff to be pleased with in the new SDK, but lack of half-decent audio/midi APIs still makes me angry. There was a perfectly functional javax.sound implementation back in m5 builds circa version 0.9 but Google pulled them for no apparent reason. What the hell...

more than 5 years ago


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