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Laser Eye Surgery, Revisited 10 Years Later

znrt naked AND defenseless (392 comments)

loved every single part of the surgery


5 hours ago

'Just Let Me Code!'

znrt Re:Who is stopping him? (353 comments)

It's impossible to properly engineer a product when you don't even know what the product is in advance.

actually it is, if your agile allows for enough iterations and your stuff is testable and refactorable, you should have no problem. well, you'll have a lot if you get too much pressure or simply cut short on shedule.

agile is very good provided the goal is not completely clear and there is time. many problems are not in this category but are thrown into it regardless just because it's a lot easier not to spec, and let the scrummies figure it out later, and take responsibility. and because it has become a business mantra.


'Just Let Me Code!'

znrt Re:Who is stopping him? (353 comments)

its more process than it really needs to be, and the quality is STILL NOT THERE

this nails it.

the fuzz about different languages, i don't see that. it's actually refreshing. and the problem with COBO^H^H^H^H java isn't the language, it's the illustrated monkey environment built around it. no wonder it's the industries' preferred platform.

You're the problem with the software industry

software industry broadly just sucks. because it's driven mostly by shortsighted greedy morons and perception is often more important than substance. that's unless you happen to be in very specific environments (and those typically don't last for long). the guy is right. and he being good or bad at coding doesn't change the situation so your rant is uncalled for.


MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

znrt Re:You're right... the Palestinians should (431 comments)

stop trying to occupy Israel, stop trying to steal Jewish land, stop trying to expell the Jews "into the sea" etc.The Arab and Muslim polulations of the world have 99% of the land in the middle east but they cannot have peaceful and successful societies without that little sliver of land that holds the one Holy site of the Jewish faith.

no wait a moment. we're talking about people dying here. let me first make it perfectly clear that i personally shit on your Holy site with capital letters. ok? IF you have anything to discuss rationaly then please keep your personal fantasies, against which i have absolutely nothing, for yourself. i can't possibly take you seriously if you put them in front of your argument. it means you have no valid argument (*) and you are just making a jerk of yourself.

I will develop some smattering of sympathy for the Palestinan civilians when they disassociate themselves from Hamas and Hezbollah and their stated goals to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews. I will develop more sympathy for them when they allow at least as much freedom

i don't think palestinians actually need your fucking sympathy. i guess they would be more than happy if you simply stopped robbing, expelling and killing them. thank you.

2 days ago

Researchers Test Developer Biometrics To Predict Buggy Code

znrt Re:Why is it always developers? (89 comments)

i hit 50 last sunday and been a developer since i can remember, and i still love my profession but the "guild" has changed an awful lot, from once being a peculiar bunch to the herd it mostly is today. most of my colleagues are much younger than me and ... what can i say ... they are often so brainwashed with corporate bullshit they break my heart almost daily. holy shit, they even blog about it! it's so depressing, it makes me wanna cry. :'(

sign'o'times, i guess. i can perfectly believe many of those sheep will cheerfully allow you to strap an eyetracker on them to check their nominal productivity.

2 days ago

MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

znrt Re: Here we go... (431 comments)

no apology required because there was no actual insult, as the term "antisemite" has long been rendered meaningless by the sheer abuse by israeli propaganda. calling you "antisemite" is the same as calling you "terrorist". you can't possibly feel insulted by that because media has shown that anyone can be called that without the slightest ground. next time any zionist stooge calls you "antisemite" just politely ask him to explain it with other words, because you don't know what "antisemitism" means, and even less so in the context of the current discussion.

it's a downside of language perversion: vocabulary erodes slowly away.

2 days ago

MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

znrt Re:Here we go... (431 comments)

Extreme would be to drop a nuke on them. See? Isn't it fun using strawmen to argue your point.

may be i'm a bit picky, but i'd say robbing their land, expelling them, denying access to water and healthcare, imprisioning them indefinitely with no warrant, and killing them at will or bombing them with white phosphor is quite extreme.

2 days ago

Can the Multiverse Be Tested Scientifically?

znrt Re:Nope (147 comments)

shouldn't we really stop the whining between the scientific and religious factions?


look: if there are scientists (as you say) with blind faith in unprovable beliefs, then they're not being scientific but religious. in this case you are asking to stop the whining between religious factions, and that would be for them to decide. i guess they won't, not because they're religious but because they're factions. religion is ok if (and only if) one limits it's application strictly to oneself.

what these guys are speculating may seem weird but is the effort of theorizing possible explanations for concrete contradictions which need one, because there is a necessity to explain those to progress in our understanding of the world. it's work in progress, sometimes you do have to examine weird possibliities so you eventually find the right track.

classic religion, in contrast, assembles theories equally fantastic which are no necessary explanation for anything (last time i checked), and that makes sense because (most) religion actually doesn't seek to explain, but to people to live happily and stop asking.

if you then throw those "who don't want to know" into factions and confront them then yes, real shit starts to happen, and "whining" is the least concern.

4 days ago

Dealing With 'Advertising Pollution'

znrt Re:i'm glad to work for free (391 comments)

Good. Take your ball and go home. The internet could use a few less for-profit entities twisting their content in order to maximize cashflow.

it's called monetization, you insensitive clod!

4 days ago

World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalization of Drug Use

znrt Re:No public drug use (472 comments)

Yes, I see a problem with pot cafes. Drug use is not OK

drug use IS OK. drug abuse is not.

I see a problem with views like yours which shift the blame on the substance, righteously ignoring the root problems which are social and educational. this view solves nothing, perpetuates the real problems and just supports the status in quo in keeping the prohibition circus going.

5 days ago

CCP Games Explains Why Virtual Reality First Person Shooters Still Don't Work

znrt Re:barf (154 comments)

wolfenstein 3D ( is the only shooter where i have ever experienced that. consistently after playing about 30 mins, and my gf as well. it never happened with rott, quake, doom or any other shooter until now, and i've played quite a lot of them. based on this personal experience and comparing w3d to all others i would say framerate, turn speed and color saturation combined might be a relevant factor. i don't think it had anything to do with a contradiction of virtual and real states. don't really know about hmds, though, so that could be a different issue.

about a week ago

Pseudonyms Now Allowed On Google+

znrt Re:The Internet is meant to be anonymous (237 comments)

From my point of view, anonymity was the worst thing that happened to the Internet.

no. it was massification, sadly. it's a bitter irony and it doesn't look like universal access (duh) will make us globally smarter anytime soon as it should have done, and we thought it would do.

i've been on the "net" since even before internet, and never ever used my real name, anywhere, nor did most of the people i met. some did. i also never saw a reason to put my personal email address on usenet for everyone to collect. what for? i just shared it with people i wanted to exchange email with.

about a week ago

Pseudonyms Now Allowed On Google+

znrt Re:Youtube Comments (237 comments)

Unlike Facebook, in that there is intelligence. The way I explain it (someone said it before me), Facebook is for keeping track of people I care about, Google+ is for keeping track of ideas/issues/things I care about. The intersection is very small.

fb also throws random crap "you might care about" at you. the link is still the people (or "entities"), and the business model is still in these links. that's all what advertisers want: bunches of linked people.

the very reason for the sick name policy thing was to convince advertisers that g+'s bunches were of real people, unlike fb where more than half of them are fake, meaning they could offer a "more valuable" bunch of linked people than fb. that was the only real difference between fb and g+, besides a slicker ui. that they now have backed down means it didn't work out, i guess, son now there'll be no substantial difference between fb and g+ at all. different tribes or market segments, maybe.

it also means my g+ account is no longer banned, because naturally i told them straight away they could go fuck themselves the very moment they insisted in knowing better than me how i should be recognized on the net. lol, suckers.

about two weeks ago

Critical Vulnerabilities In Web-Based Password Managers Found

znrt Re:KeePass? (114 comments)

I'd be really curious to here there opinions on KeePass, which isn't web-based but certainly in the same category.

i've always had trouble with putting all my apples in the same basket, so i never touched things like keepass, kisskiss nor any other keyring. that there's folks doing that *OVER THE WEB* is staggering. if i weren't speechles right now i'd say they deserve being raped in their most intimate identity.

about two weeks ago

Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

znrt Re:Why? (752 comments)

The thug prowling around in the woods can take and spend my $20s, and I've got no recourse unless he's caught.

and cashless means you will have no recourse against *the other* thugs either. and they are simply "too big to get caught", didn't you hear?

about two weeks ago

Will Google's Dart Language Replace Javascript? (Video)

znrt Re:No (180 comments)

If you have 100 hours available for testing, you can use static analysis to find 90% of the bugs and spend the rest of your time on the 10% that require deeper insight. Or you can waste 90% of your time being a human compiler, manually cross-checking symbols. Which is going to result in more reliable software?

obviously, the one where you skip static analysis and devote 100% of testing time to testing. it will be exactly 10% more reliable than both cases of your false dichotomy. :-P

besides, your perspective is more about productivity than about quality. that's ok, but it depends on your particular environment. actually static analysis gives you a specific insight into a code body which is good. but it's often greatly overrated and i find statements like "static analysis adds reliability" alarming. that's simply not true. it assists you in assessing reliability but if you stop there you're screwed, the actual important step is testing and if you get *that* right, you're ok. reviews are a great plus, not just for reliability, but also for learning.

and i like static typed languages, if anything just because refactor is a breeze with adecuate tools.

about two weeks ago

Will Google's Dart Language Replace Javascript? (Video)

znrt Re:No (180 comments)

this also means it is more reliable since more problems can be detected by static analysis tools

actually, it means you can employ unreliable programmers and think you can get away with it because your reports are green all over. odds are you won't.

static analysis tells if code is wrong. it will never tell if code is right. it's just a tool to assist in early improvement and by no means a substitute for reviews and testing. review and testing do add reliability. static analysis doesn't. it's just convenient, but you could do perfectly without, provided you test and review.

about two weeks ago

Will Google's Dart Language Replace Javascript? (Video)

znrt Re:atfer it does you will go to school for 2-4 yea (180 comments)

If you already know JavaScript, and either Java or C++, then you can learn Dart *and write absolute crap* in about 20 minutes.

please, folks. do get some real insight into the languages you use before doing serious stuff others will have to maintain. thank you.

this is true in general, but regarding to javascript:
if you come from Java, you *must* unlearn almost everything to start doing anything half decent in javascript.
If you come from c++ not so much, but please, please ... read the manual first. javascript is *not* what you think it is.

the problem with javascript isn't javascript, it's that 90% of people writing javascript hasn't a clue about javascript.

as for dart, i don't know / don't care atm.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: How Often Should You Change Jobs?

znrt Re:We can thank corporate America (282 comments)

I don't know what sort of projects you've worked on, but an enterprise level project requires a massive understanding of the business, its processes and its clients.

I don't know what sort of projects you've worked on, but an enterprise level project (specially a "large and complex one" as is discussed here) has a host of business analysts, functional analysts, architects, IT and consulting guys, field expers, accessibility experts, testers and developers skilled in several technologies, all committed to the same project. very few (if any) of all these have a thorough understanding of the whole system in full detail, not in 18 months and probably not in the entire life of the project. but for anyone to be productive in such an endeavour means breaking it down into manageable pieces and ... good management to make all these work together. if folks cannot make useful contributions whithin a month then they are useless or very poorly managed, or the system is not just large and complex but also badly architected or lacking a sound infrastructure.

You cannot pick that up in a month - 18 months would be about right, to get the minimum understanding of those.

dunno what to say. maybe if you give a concrete example we might find out why you guys are so utterly failing. could be guru corporativism, bad practices, bad organization or documentation, could be anything but definitely it's like there's a big elephant in your room.

On the other hand, if you are just there to build web pages, or desktop GUIs, then sure, you could become productive in a month - but you're not going to be adding value to the company.

now if 18 months seems weird, this seems complete nonsense. what has the concrete technology to do with complexity? if your front-ends are dumb and your backend is a nightmare, then you'll have to hire specially talented backenders. they might even point out what you are doing wrong. but if they can't contribute *something* of value in at least 18 months then the problem is on your side.

about two weeks ago


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