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iPhone Faces Uncertain Market

zolaris Applecare? (869 comments)

I know there were other post's on the insurance but also don't forget, isn't this an Apple product? Will there be Applecare for it? I know I have purchased it at 20 dollars (I think that was the price) for 2 years for my iPod. Apple has replaced my iPod for free twice already within that contract. No questions asked, even when it was clear that I had damaged it through fault of my own (dropping the blasted thing enough times until it cracked).

more than 7 years ago



zolaris zolaris writes  |  about 8 years ago

zolaris (963926) writes "SecurityFocus [] has an article on the first reported US deployment of ePassport [] readers in San Fransisco. This deployment is the reported as the first steps in meeting a congressional mandate of supplying the capability for all US ports of entry to process electornic passports by OCtober 26, 2006. This technology is strong criticzed by security and privacy experts as well as the ACLU."


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