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CBS Sees no Journalism in Blogs

zook Re:Breaker Breaker (455 comments)

You did notice that the article you quote was an editorial, didn't you?

I point this out because it's become clear that most people---and many "news" organizations---hardly make this distinction anymore. One can harp on the New York Times for being a liberal paper, and as far as the editorial page is concerned you won't get any argument from me; I'm guessing they would cherish the label. Likewise, the Wall Street Journal is an openly conservative paper when it comes to its editorial page.

Both are good, authoritative sources of news, however. Certainly there is some leak of opinion into the news coverage---human nature, you know---but in both cases there is an effort to keep them separate.

If Fox News is conservative and CNN is liberal, that's fine. (I say "if"---I'm not sure it's true.) We should have a difference in views put forth. Where they both fall down is in being clear which they are presenting at any one time.

(One could also argue the quality of the coverage. The balance between news and opinion is funny, and there are better quality opinon pieces than others: I can disagree with a well-reasoned opinon, but not all are well-reasoned.)

more than 9 years ago


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