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More Than 1 In 4 Car Crashes Involve Cellphone Use

zotz Re:It's the conversation, (367 comments)

Second, I really wonder how they defined a cell phone as being involved in an accident. Did they just record any accident where a phone was someplace visible to the driver? Did they record any accident where a call was in progress? Did they try to determine if the call itself contributed to the accident? Did fault come into it? If you're parked talking on the phone and somebody rear-ends you, does that count as a phone-involved accident?

These stats might be really telling us that lots of cars have cell phones in them.

Ah, someone who thinks along the lines I do. The one I get here in the islands on US AM radio speaks of 1 in every X fatal accidents involves a pedestrian. (I think X=4)

So I say, right, so when a pedestrian jumps in front of a car causing teh driver to swerve and plunge into a deep roadside canal and die, are they counting that as a fatal accident involving a pedestrian? What about one where two cars collide head on and a pedestrian is "involved" as the only witness?

all the best,


about three weeks ago

Hyperlinking Is Not Copyright Infringement, EU Court Rules

zotz Re:DO NOTE (97 comments)

This ruling only applies to copyrighted content that is legally and publicly available. Linking to content that is behind e.g. a paywall would constitute a copyright-infringement.

Wait, how can it be a problem to link to content *behind* a paywall. Either the person clicking the link will not be able to get to the link as the content is behind a paywall and they haven't paid, or, they have paid, have rights to the content, and can get to it by following the link. Is there some other possibility?

all the best,


about 2 months ago

Grocery Store "Smart Shelves" Will Identify Customers, Show Targeted Ads

zotz Re:This will be annoying (274 comments)



about 6 months ago

European Central Bank Casts Wary Eye Toward Bitcoin

zotz Re:ECB choice of words (301 comments)

In the Bahamas our own government chose to name something the "National Insurance Scheme" so there you go.


about a year and a half ago

European Central Bank Casts Wary Eye Toward Bitcoin

zotz Re:Cast in a negative light, obviously (301 comments)

"Every time you make a system too efficient, you reduce the number of workers but with economies it's important to have as many people working as possible."

But I have the perfect solution for that little problem and have been quietly promoting it in my country for years now:

The Department Of Beach Surveys.

The government hires people and sends them to the beach every day. They get a clipboard and a short form to fill out daily.

Survey Taker:

Did you see any sea life today? Y/N
Did you see any birds today? Y/N
Did you see any land animals on the beach today? Y/N
Was it Windy / Calm?
Was it Sunny / Rainy?
Did you encounter any tourists on the beach today? Y/N
      If Yes, did they seem to be having a good time? Y/N
Did you have an enjoyable day at the beach today? Y/N
Optionally note below anything of interest you might want to.

Perhaps if your country does not have enough beaches, you could send those workers to our country to do the surveys here.

all the best,


about a year and a half ago

Judge Orders Piracy Trial To Test IP Address Evidence

zotz a trial is "necessary to find the truth." ??? (321 comments)

a trial is "necessary to find the truth." ???

Wouldn't an experiment or a demonstration be more in order?

Or is that what the trial is to consist of?

all the best,


about a year and a half ago

UK License Plate Cameras Have "Gaps In Coverage"

zotz Careful! (283 comments)

"It appears, however, that criminals are well aware of the cameras and take other routes"

Careful, that makes anyone whose vehicle does not show up on the cameras possibly shady.... ~;-)

all the best,


about a year and a half ago

Paul Vixie On DNS Changer: We're Dealing With Malware the Wrong Way

zotz Re:Time to take the tinfoil hat off... (163 comments)

I am not so sure. Perhaps instead of sending them to the ad sites, send them to a site that tells them they are infected and that they will get progressively slower responses until they fix things. Then progressively slow their requests down making things more an more painful?

IOW. make it worth their while to care? Someone is, after all, having to spend extra money to keep them working.

Or did I misunderstand something here?

all the best,


about 2 years ago

Scientists Turn Skin Cells Into Beating Heart Muscle

zotz Re:Where's George Bush? (121 comments)

"I don't understand why people who like command line environments don't get punch card machines for the best experience."


If you have used both, surely you can at least hazard a guess...

about 2 years ago

How Long Before the Kickstarter Bubble Bursts?

zotz Insist on Free Projects Developed in the Open (192 comments)

Insist on Free Projects Developed in the Open

That way, if things don't quite pan out, the assets may still be useful or someone else may be able to finish things up.

all the best,


about 2 years ago

Saylor Foundation Awards Prizes To Free College Textbooks

zotz Re:Prizes Instead of Pay (75 comments)

Not answering that particular question, but if the prize re-license was to BY-SA and not BY it would not be as bad. (If it is bad at all.)

more than 2 years ago

White House Proposes "Wealthy Tax"

zotz Re:Tax planning and rich people (2115 comments)

Go and work for someone, and they owe you money, regardless of whether they made any themselves.

Sure, unless they go bust and can't pay you.



about 2 years ago

White House Proposes "Wealthy Tax"

zotz Re:Tax planning and rich people (2115 comments)

Well, there are other ways to get multiple houses. I did not know your tax code made that distinction. So no tax at all on your main house? Capital gains tax on others?

I do think simplicity would help the situation.

Note: I live in a different country where we do not have any income tax at all. That does not mean we do not have similar tax issues and questions though.

about 2 years ago

White House Proposes "Wealthy Tax"

zotz Re:Tax planning and rich people (2115 comments)

If they could actually do this that would be one thing. Somehow I think it will end up hitting the folks without the time, skills, or contacts to find the loopholes.

more than 2 years ago




Copyleft Confusion

zotz zotz writes  |  more than 7 years ago

I just signed up with youtube and put up a few videos. (Under a CC BY-SA license.)

I searched for copyleft to see what other copyleft works were on there and found a lot of works tagged or otherwise marked as copyleft but with explanations indicating that they were not actually copyleft.

I am going to try and document Free, Open, and Copyleft confusions as I find them out in the wild. I invite you to join in if you wish.

Copyleft explained:


Youtube examples:

Found with a copyleft search on youtube but this is not copyleft:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qItNmoBl5lE (
Copyleft - Creative Commons Deed:
The NC here makes this not copyleft.

"Multiracial Alliance Building Peace Conference and is 100% copyleft and
non-copyrighted so we encourage people to duplicate it and circulate it around
the world!"
Claims to be copyleft and non-copyrighted at the same time. If it is public domain, it can't be copyleft. What is really meant?

Tggged: copyleft.
site: http://www.cincinman.info/index.html
"Cin Cin Man" was COPYRIGHTED and promptly COPYLEFTED (anybody is free to use it, improve, change, mutilate, but with NO commercial purposes/ www.creativecommons.org).
No commercial purposes means this is not copyleft.




Some thoughts on a "Copyright Offensive"

zotz zotz writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Here are some thoughts for your consideration:

1. All 'non'marked' works get an automatic copyleft, not an automatic copyright.

2. Copyleft works can be registered for free, copyright works incurr a registration fee.

3. There is a yearly copyright tax imposed on copyright works, copyleft works are exempt.

4. The copyright tax is based on a percentage of the copyright holder declared value of the work.

5. The copyright holder will be encouraged to declare an honest value by having to sell the copyright to to work at the declared value or 5 percent above that value to any and all comers. At the value if the purchaser will put the work under a copyleft, 5 percent above if the purchaser will keep the work copyright.

6. Copyright status lasts for 10 years, then the works convert to copyleft for another ten then they go into the public domain.

7. Orignally copyleft works remain copyleft for the life of the author (and perhaps plys whatever.)

8. Works building on public domain works are not elegible for copyright status, only copyleft. (Does this make any practical sense??)

all the best,



RIAA Home Mortgage Corporation

zotz zotz writes  |  more than 8 years ago

RIAAHMC: So, Joe Suka, just sign here and you can have the money and get started building your new home today.

Joe: Uh.

RIAAHMC: Is there a problem?

Joe: Um, I am not sure, I am a little confused.

RIAAHMC: What is to be confused about, this is our standard contract. Everyone signs it. It is really very simple.

Joe: Well, what I don't get is that you lend me the money to build my house.


Joe: And then I have to pay you back the money you loaned me.

RIAAHMC: Right, that is standard.

Joe: And then after I have paid you back, you own the house and not me?

RIAAHMC: Sure, that's how we do it! It's standard.

Joe: I think I am gonna try one of them intarweb home mortgage companies. I heard that when banks compete, I win. Almost anything has to be better than this.


Money where my mouth is links...

zotz zotz writes  |  about 9 years ago

Look like the original was posted March 24/05 - this edit is August 16/05:

Well, it looks like that idea went over like a lead balloon.

If it does not get some reasonable response soon, it will be consigned to the bit shredder.

I suggest those of us who support copyleft or other free programs/culture place "Money where my mouth is links" in our posts or sigs.



These would be links to some (even minor) example of our support.

I don't mean this as a means of tooting your own horn but rather as a means of getting to know a bit more about those we are discoursing with right in the posts themselves.



Jail time for corporations?

zotz zotz writes  |  about 9 years ago

Can we figure a way to give "jail" time for corporations convicted of crimes that would send humans to jail?

OK, corporation not allowed to do business while in "jail." (Except where human would be allowed to carry on business from jail.

Objection: Employees will suffer.

Possible fix...

Employees, except those guilty of the crime keep runnig the company. They get their pay. All profits go to government to make good victims. First of the corporation/crime, then of other crimes.


I mean, why should a human face fines and jail time if they violate the copyrights of a corporation when a coproration only faces fines when it violates the copyrights of a human? What happened to equal protection under the law? (Is that the correct term?)

all the best,



Ideas for slashdot improvements

zotz zotz writes  |  more than 9 years ago

I keep having ideas for improving slashdot. At least I would consider these changes/feature improvements. I keep forgetting to note them so I decided to put them here and work on them from time to time.

1. Some way for me to easily find and take posession of my AC posts. Issue: I often post from other machines that I do not trust or where I cannot remember my password at the time. I would like to be able to claim these posts.

2. Although "Subscribers can view entire comment history for all users" I think registered users should at least be able to see all of their own posts.

3. A way to search the text of comments for individual stories. I looked for something like this just now and thought I found it in "search discussion" but something is not working for me there. Ah, just did some experimenting, that seems to search in comment subjects and not in the actual text. I want to search in text.

4. A colour code (or some other means) when replying to comments to show the parent poster's standing as to your friend, fan, foe, and freak lists.

I have had more ideas recently that I cannot seem to remember at the moment. More as I remember or think of new ones.


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