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Belief In God Correlates With Better Mental Health Treatment Outcomes

zubieta Beliefs (931 comments)

Makes sense, at least in my point of view. I'm a atheist, and I have got into depressions regarding the meaning of life, the un/fairness behind it, a lot of trascendental questions, also a fear of death, which people that believes in a god, with fervor, may not feel, since they may believe there is a life after death, there is a meaning behind everything, that there is a god that loves you, etc.

about a year and a half ago

Russian Meteor Likely an Apollo Asteroid Chunk

zubieta wow..! (67 comments)

I know Jorge! That work is quite amazing. They are working based on shadows. They measure the shadows of lampposts changing in small fractions of time, their size and angle, and do the same from very different places in Russia. The result is amazing!

about 2 years ago

Congressman Introduces Bill To Ban Minting of Trillion-Dollar Coin

zubieta Re:Any member can introduce a bill but... (1059 comments)

Sometimes if enough parties are interested, they can be willing to skip things, I mean, remember SOPA, they were voting articles in BLOCKS

about 2 years ago

2012 Set Record For Most Expensive Gas In US

zubieta Re:Price (430 comments)

Did some research, and as 2011, Colombia ranked 4th in price of gas (from most to least) in the whole American continent. USA ranked 15th, and Venezuela ranks last. Curiously, Venezuela is a country that is our immediate neighbor, and their price/gallon is under a dollar. We extract, they extract, but the difference is that their government has seized the properties of many international oil companies, kicking them out of the country, I think that near 2007~2008 they seized ExxonMobil assets and kicked them out, making their refineries state-controlled, which is really awful.

about 2 years ago

2012 Set Record For Most Expensive Gas In US

zubieta Price (430 comments)

Still cheaper than my country (Colombia) We extract oil in our land, and yet we have quite high prices. On average ~4.65 US for low octane fuel (81 ~ 84!!!) and the high octane fuel (which is really a joke by international standards) is ~5.50 US for 87~90 in octane scale

about 2 years ago


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