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The Failed Economics of Our Software Commons

zugedneb too much money is not good (205 comments)

because it only leads to project getting bloated, and also gets the team invaded by psychopats...

the question is rather: can we make a good project to get Enough But No More?

about two weeks ago

Security Companies Team Up, Take Down Chinese Hacking Group

zugedneb what a crappy propaganda (63 comments)

"...targeted by Axiom, an incredibly sophisticated organization that has been stealing intellectual property for more than six years."

So, who came up with this and who is target?

about a month and a half ago

Assange: Google Is Not What It Seems

zugedneb not smart, but self-organizing... (289 comments)

i think, a lot of the "conspiracies" out there are self-organizing processes, but many dont have the skill to identify them.

in any context, you have to be a certain kind to adapt and make place amongs those who came before. already that is an efficient sorting mechanism.

about 2 months ago

Intel's Haswell-E Desktop CPU Debuts With Eight Cores, DDR4 Memory

zugedneb Re:*drool* (181 comments)

picked a core 2 quad q6600 with mobo and 2MB ram from recycle bin, here in sweden...
what people throw away...

have to recap the mobo, then I will send it to some fellows in hungaria =)

about 4 months ago

The Lithuanian Mob Was Smuggling Cigarettes Into Russia With a Drone

zugedneb now, motherfuckers, listen to me (81 comments)

a drone is something that can take of, carry out som emission based on gps and other sensors, and then land by itself.
serious engeneering, in other words.

this shit is called "REMOTE CONTROLLED SHIT"


about 7 months ago

American Judge Claims Jurisdiction Over Data Stored In Other Countries

zugedneb excellent (226 comments)

Now, we fucking sleepy europeans can start implementing our own shit for a change.
Also, it would be nice if the US would put a ban on export, and NDA on any and all science and technology made in the US.
That way we may have a reason to catch up in some areas.

But, probably not. We would just start licking japanese and chinese anus even more, making shit is to much communism for our taste...

about 8 months ago

Apple Patent Could Herald Interchangeable iPhone Camera Lenses

zugedneb technology heralds things (160 comments)

not patents.
I wish that we, who should know better took a little more care with the language, yes?

about 9 months ago

New Facial Recognition Software May Detect Looming Road Rage

zugedneb Spiritual Prosthetics, Tyranny of the marginal (133 comments)

I find it sad that when we can not make some follow law, or common sense, we seek technology to stop them from rampage, and force everyone else to live with that technology.
This seems to be the coming trend...

As example, in some places in eu, there is pressure to have exhalation test in the car for traces of alcohol, i think it is called alcolock...
Problem is, not being able to fallow common sense (law) to not drive intoxicated is a spiritual handicap. Alcolock on the car is spiritual prothesis. So lobby has success, whenever i start the car in the future, i have to put a prosthetic device in my mouth.

If this thing in the article makes it, I will be constantly monitored, because of the deeds of some minority.

I find this disturbing. Now, I do not like people very much, and have low levels of sympathy for my fellow humans.
Personally, I would rather see this minority, who is the target of these devices, to be identified, and executed by the side of the road.
In that is two flies in one hit: we remove the morons, and do not litter the car with prosthetic devices..

about 8 months ago

The Billionaires Privatizing American Science

zugedneb Democratic governmetnts are their voters. (279 comments)

Dothing more and nothing less.
If the large masses, who actually decide the winning party, do not give a shit, then neither will the government they voted for.

Now, from what I have seen, the everyday of the avarage dude, is complicated. Having a wife (or trying to find one) and some children takes up most the energy of the avarage man, and I do not even dare to theorize about what issues women have.

At the and of the day the avarage man does not give a shit...

We have evolved into spiritual species... There is the cattle, the majority, that needs the gadgets and enterteinment to escape... And there is those who provide: the enterprenours and the semiautistik, semintrovert peons who develop the technology...

As long as governments are chosen by the masses, they will tend to be as stupid as the masses...

about 9 months ago

These Are the Companies the FAA Has Sent notices To For Using Drones

zugedneb KARMA NEEDED!!11!!1!1 (136 comments)

yepp, dont like beta either

about 10 months ago

Analyst Calls Russian Teen Author of Target Malware

zugedneb Witch-hunt (107 comments)

this is called witch-hunt.
Identify someone with godlike, impossibile knowledge and nail the fucker. Thusly, the righteous has won.

Say, you can prove that it is barely possibile to have that knowledge at age 17, unless, someone points it out to him. Now, if he is, quite possibly, an adept programmer, he might use this knowledge.
But in russia, all know about brutality of others... I dont think he would dare, not at 17...

Anyways, who will listen to the protest of the rational?

about 10 months ago

Electrical Engineering Lost 35,000 Jobs Last Year In the US

zugedneb u are the troll, dude, not feeding one (397 comments)

You are making the same mistake as the people who think Computer Science is the same as programming...

As some others did point it out in onther threads, CS is math, programming is not that much...

Now, a master in EE is 5 years of math, mostly. A "maintenance tech" follows blueprints, he does not have to understand them. Electricians do not have to understand electromagnetics, they have to follow blueprints.

I, as EE, understand things... Electromagnetics, fourier stuff, stochastic processes, filter theory and so on...

Learn the difference.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How Many (Electronics) Gates Is That Software Algorithm?

zugedneb there are DSP:s on the market already (365 comments)

You do not have to design your own...
Your algorithm probably needs vector units, fast multiplication, wide memory bus, largeish...

I will take you and that company many years to make a good dsp, and it will not be better the the Texas Instruments ones you can buy...

Or, you can implement it in an FPGA, but a DSP with handtuned code is more energy efficient...

Here is one for vision:

about a year ago

Root of Maths Genius Sought

zugedneb Reincarnation and Old Souls, same shit... (251 comments)

In the old days, the elderly of the village used to look at someone, trying to determine if the person was an Old Soul, or the reincarnation of someone important... And if they "found" one, they did treat them differently, give them attention and so on...

Funny thing is that whenever a "genious" comes up as topic, people say he did this and that...
But later it emerges hundreds or thousands of unpublished letters to others in the field, cooperations, good teamwork, and chance...

Just as example, say, if ErdÃs did not have that type of personality, he would not have met so many in the field, and thus would not have contributed to that amount... Same goes for Einstein and lot of others...
They were just likable people, so others probably told them everything there was to be told...

Genoius is the same as Entrepreneur: people say, look at him he did so much for us, but really, there is little information of how they got the tools to do it, or the money to buy them... Or how they got the information of what was needed to be done...

In the end, every generation waits for their own Jesus...

about a year ago

Would-Be Tesla Owners Jump Through Hoops To Skirt Wacky Texas Rules

zugedneb Tesla store staff can't tell visitors cost... (470 comments)

"Tesla store staff, for example, can't tell visitors how much a Model S costs."

How is this related to free speech laws?

"Tesla store staff, for example, can't tell visitors how much a Model S costs."

Can they not make private club, with no fee to join? As club member one should be able to use the equipment needed for club activities...

about a year ago

Facebook Comment Prompts Arrests In Cyberbullying Suicide Case

zugedneb Attention span problem? (734 comments)

How the hell can these "social" sites become so imortant that they blot out any sun on their sky? Is there nothin more important for them than that in the entire life?

Also, we lament the death of these girls, but who the fuck wants these kinds of woman to be their mother, yes? What kind of man will they attract in life?
They are faulty, from the factory. Scrap and order new one...

about a year ago

Cyborg Cockroach Sparks Ethics Debate

zugedneb We are not night elves (512 comments)

who proctects the wild, are we?

It is not a matter of students making study. They do not know advanced anatomy and neural signal processing, so its a waste anyways.
With to much freedom at hand, it is a matter of ego, conquest, and humiliation of the loosers and the trash. To do what they can get away with.

about a year ago

Hackers, Gamers and Tech Workers: The UK Needs You For a New Cyber Army

zugedneb All the research in CS goes to waste... (104 comments)

So many universities around the world had put a lot of work into CS since WW2...
There are better ways of programming or designing hardware. For the sake of tax payers money, if nothing else, there should be a mandated change in paradigm... But no...

Instead we keep tha same old stuff and hire clowns and morons to maintain it.

about a year ago



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