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Journal pvera's Journal: Dead Aluminum Powerbook G4, back with Titanium!

I spilled four droplets of coffee into my Aluminum Powerbook (15", the replacement to my Ti 867). I freaked out, flipped it upside down and while I was drying the four droplets the machine shut down. And that's it.


I kept trying to reset the pram and the PMU, but nothing. Again I freaked out and cracked the case open to see if coffee got inside but it was completely dry. Big mistake.

The genius at the Apple store quoted me $1200 to fix it because:

1. The spill was accidental damage, not covered.
2. Cracking the case open voided the warranty.

Of course, $1200 buys a new iBook, so fuck it.

I went home and took the HDD out of the dead laptop and put it into an external firewire enclosure, and I did not lose data. But no more Aluminum powerbook :-(

Worse, I have completely lost my faith on the current Powerbook line. I never liked it as much as my Ti 867, and even with 1.25 GB ram it did not feel that much faster than my Ti 867 with 1GB ram. It seems my next laptop is going to be a 14" iBook with Superdrive.

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Dead Aluminum Powerbook G4, back with Titanium!

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