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Journal Seth Finkelstein's Journal: Censorware Project essay / Michael Sims update

Latest update to:

What Happened To The Censorware Project (censorware.org)

April 8 2002: From the-lurkers-support-me-in-email dept.
I don't think there's much point in posting generic he's-a-nut messages (besides, who can tell if they're fabrications or not?). But the following comment struck me as having much worth pondering in it:

Imagine if you were the president of the NRA and in the early days of the Net had personally set up nra.org, and then fell out with them and replaced the homepage with a rant. It's just insane. It's saying "my personal shit, with someone I claim to have no need, respect or care for, is way more important to me than my mission of seeing that this important issue and goal are taken seriously and succeed."

Really pisses me off. It makes ALL of us look bad, and marginalizes cyberliberty work even further.

Just sent him a (polite, pleading) note to this effect.

Obviously, the polite, pleading, note had no effect.

[Never forget The Power Of Journalism - my protests and defense are accounted worse than Michael Sims' actions]

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