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John1807 writes: We have almost reached the middle of a historic moment and witness the new phase of evolution. It was a time when we used to have programmed computer that it knew how to perform various tasks but now the computer can learn from its own experience.

The magical breakthrough is called "machine learning." It’s very important for us to understand where technology is going and where society is going with it.
Either it being a Netflix's movie recommendations, Amazon's product recommendations, Facebook's ability to spot your friend’s faces, dating app matching you with potential dates — these are all early examples of machine learning.
With respect to the increasing data volume, traditional analytics tools are now outdated and not well suitable for capturing the full value of big data. These data are too large for the process of comprehensive analysis. The knowledge varies of potential correlations and relationships between disparate knowledge sources from rear client databases to measure internet primarily based clickstreams square measure too nice for any analyst to check all hypotheses and derive all the worth buried within the data.

Basic analytical strategies utilized in business intelligence and enterprise coverage tools scale back to coverage sums, counts, easy averages and running SQL queries. The online analytical process is simply a systematic extension of that basic analytics that also supposes a person's to direct activities specify what bought to be calculated.

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