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Submission + - Will the Next Uber-like Company Hit Your Business? (

JCommerce writes: Until recently, the concept of organizational flexibility was one of the hottest topics in the world of organizational management. But it's time to delete it from your vocabulary, because the events of recent years — whether it be the crisis in the Euro zone, the emergence of the sharing economy, Brexit or the US elections — have made the word passé. So what’s the buzzword of today? Well, resilience is the new flexibility. This term means the company's ability to anticipate, prepare, and react and adapt to sudden disruptions. In other words — it is the skill of rolling with the punches, of rapid reorganization and continuation. The origin of such blows in today's business environment can be very different, not just from politics or the economy, but also from technology. Currently, every industry is probably anxiously looking for its own Uber, which will come out of nowhere to destroy the market. So how do you ensure the resilience to roll with such punches?

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Submission + - 3 Manfaat Penggunaan Strawberry Sebagai Masker Rambut (

Masker Rambut writes: Strawberry adalah salah satu buah yang memiliki manfaat beragam dalam bidang perawatan kecantikan, salah satunya adalah penggunaan strawberry untuk perawatan rambut sebagai masker rambut. Strawberry adalah jenis buah yang berukuran kecil namun memiliki sejumlah kandungan nutrisi yang besar serta aroma khas yang menyegarkan.

Submission + - Kubernetes-New Level of Cloud Computing (

The Digital Garage writes: The fact that the majority of the world’s businesses and corporations are turning to Kubernetes as the default cloud container platform is itself worthy of mention. One reason for this is the robust research and development that has gone into the platform.

Submission + - What is VPN ? Explained completely ! (

mak0Legion writes: In today's cutting edge internet technologies, one of the prominent heard and used term is VPN. Well what is a VPN? What it does? How to use it and why to use it? We are going to tell you answers to all these questions today. Many users don't know what is a VPN and how it works and thus are insecure in the hostile cyber world.

Privacy is a must. Today 100% anonymity can't be achieved and so does the privacy. But to some extent it can be maintained a lot and VPN is the solution. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. If you google about VPN then here's what Wikipedia defines it as:"A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network, such as the Internet. It enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. Applications running across the VPN may therefore benefit from the functionality, security, and management of the private network." This may be non comprehensive for newbies, so we here at Noobloops tried our best to make it simple and straight forward so that even a newbie or an average internet user learns about it and it's uses.

  As the name suggests; Virtual Private Network, it is a virtual network inside a network, just for saying. For example, you are connected to the Internet via a network, be it an ISP(Internet Service Provider), Wifi or wireless, your mobile data or some other way round. When you are connected to the network, it is public and anyone can know what you are using and accessing on the internet as it is public. What a VPN does is that it creates another Virtual network inside the same network via which you are connected to the internet and it is private, i.e., no one can see what you are accessing or using,or we can just simply say, it creates a "tunnel" in that particular network which is accessible only by you. This virtual network hides you from the actual network via which you are connected to the internet and thus is private.

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Submission + - What Possible Changes Does Indian Education System Needs? (

riyaznw writes: Indian Education system has been the target of many allegations from students,parents&teachers. Students think they are overburdened, teachers think they are not paid enough & parents want their children to get 99.99 percentage. Where does this buck stop?

Submission + - Population of USA in 2017 (

An anonymous reader writes: site aims to give most accurate population of USA states and its city in 2017.

Submission + - Language is the blood of the Soul Via- .ehitavada – Zonalinfo Blogs (

Praveen Rai writes: By HUMERA MERYAM HUSSAIN

“Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.”

—Oliver Wendell Holmes

I was riding a scooter on a busy upmarketplace when Iremembered that I had to buy some stationery material for my daughters. Fearing a reprimand at home, I took a U-turn and straightaway headed towards a shop known to me since a long time. With a busy day coming towards its end, everybody seemed in a rush to return to their homes. And I too was among that lot. As usual, the shop WS crowded with customers — most were in their teens and Sonie with bags on their backs. Nobody wanted to lose even a minute and waiting to buy a trivial thing like a pen seemed an arduous task.
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Submission + - For The Best AC Unit Repair Experience Ever! (

An anonymous reader writes: Heating is a common problem that people face in this era of global warming. Without an AC it is just impossible to beat the heat during summer season.

Submission + - Time and Money for Tourists in Airbnb Clone Script (

mohn123 writes: While heading off to the airplane terminal, fall in line behind business voyagers and abstain from falling in line behind families that convey a great deal of stuff to put into the x-beam machine plate. This is on account of successive voyagers definitely know how to move rapidly through that line than the others.

When taking a flight, pick the sort of plane to ride on. Not all planes are made equivalent so it's prescribed to look at the ones that offer decent seats and enhancements. A few carriers have inline Airbnb Clone Script locally available while some don't. More up to date aircrafts have the solace of more pleasant seats and more extra space to move around. Moreover, not all planes likewise have individual TV screens for travelers either. Once in a while, trips additionally require airplane terminal exchanges.

Submission + - What Are The Benefits Of Getting Steam Game Keys! (

rottconn writes: It is mandatory for you to buy steam keys if you want to experience gaming on steam. As steam is very much convenient in comparison to going over a group of downpour or piracy sites where half the substance is malware and the other half has to be downloaded again and again each single time the game scraps. Steam provides the auto-updates and capability to roll back to older patches.

Submission + - Google Data Highlighter (

jamespondz writes:
Data Highlighter is a webmaster tool for teaching Google about the pattern of structured data on your website.Then Google can present your data more attractively and in new ways in search results and in other products such as the Google Knowledge Graph.
For example, if your site contains event listings you can use Data Highlighter to tag data (name, location, date, and so on) for the events on your site. The next time Google crawls your site, the event data will be available for rich snippets on search results pages.
Note that Data Highlighter can only access pages that have been crawled by Google recently. If Google hasn't crawled or can't crawl some of your pages, such as pages behind sign in forms, you can't use Data Highlighter for those pages.

Submission + - Authenticity in design and function - The Gear S3 Classic (

Riathakurr writes: The Gear S3 has the look and feel of a truly premium watch; You twist the bezel and it's a smart watch that turns your life around with its advanced features, from a built-in GPS and speaker to direct access to all the apps you need. It's also built for you to go days without needing a recharge. You get to feel free with the Gear S3 Classic.

Submission + - Wear the Gear S3 and free your hands from your phone. (

Riathakurr writes: The Gear S3 has the look and feel of a truly premium watch; You twist the bezel and it's a smart watch that turns your life around with its advanced features, from a built-in GPS and speaker to direct access to all the apps you need. It's also built for you to go days without needing a recharge. You get to feel free with the Gear S3 Frontier.

Submission + - SpaceX, NASA Hail 1st Falcon 9 Rocket Launch from Pad Steeped in History (

SonicSpike writes: SpaceX's historic launch from NASA's Launch Complex 39A Sunday (Feb. 19) was a complete success. So it's no surprise that when the time came to discuss the flight, the post-launch press conference was short, sweet and full of smiling faces.

The private spaceflight company's Falcon 9 rocket launched a Dragon spacecraft full of cargo into orbit at 9:39 a.m. EST (1439 GMT), after which the booster's first stage returned to Earth to make had a perfect landing at the company's Landing Zone 1 at Cape Canaveral.

"It's been a super-exciting day — it's really awesome to see 39A roar back to life for the first time since the shuttle era, and it was extremely special that this first launch on 39A was a Dragon mission for NASA to the space station," Jessica Jenson, the Dragon mission manager at SpaceX, said during the briefing. Pad 39A was used for most of the Apollo missions and many shuttle missions, including the first and the last launches; SpaceX modernized the pad under a 20-year lease from NASA.

Submission + - Java libraries you can't miss in 2017 (

Sergej Jevsejev writes: This blog post is heavily inspired by this presentation by Andres Almiray.

This was so good, that I needed to groomed it as the reference list. Sharing the with short feature lists and examples.

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