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An anonymous reader writes: Today Xen Project, a leading open source hypervisor, announced Mirage OS 2.0, which allows application developers to deploy their projects to embedded ARM-based devices, such as the Cubieboard2 board, as well as to public clouds like Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud and Verizon Cloud.

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Mirage OS is one of many new advancements in the market that leverage Linux for data center and cloud innovation. Mirage OS ( offers the opportunity to “compile your own cloud” from a set of protocol libraries. Most applications running in the cloud are not optimized to do so, making assumptions about the underlying operating system that result in larger footprints plus increased costs and risks. The open source Mirage OS represents a new, more flexible approach where the application code is combined with the specific components of the operating system it needs into a single-purpose unikernel appliance, written entirely in OCaml, that runs directly on the Xen Project hypervisor.

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News: Mirage OS 2.0 -- Compile Your Own Cloud

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