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Comment Who cares? (Score 0) 19

Seriously, who cares? Not everything needs to be 100% secure. Oh wait, some slashdotter will point out that some assassin will use this to change some journalists seat on an airplane so they can attack them or something. Codes have been six digits for decades and it hasn't been a problem.

Comment Re: being cheap (Score 1) 80

Well fighting piracy DOES work to some degree. If you can make it slightly harder it will eliminate more piracy. For example I don't pirate now, because I know my ISP tracks it using DPI of traffic. Some people take the next step of getting a VPN, but I didn't. My main point is it beneficial for you to minimize your expenditures. I don't feel guilty about it either. Apple/Microsoft/etc all minimize their tax bills. It is just good business.

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