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Comment "Mostly" Unnecessary (Score 1) 118

Look, I agree that these devices are mostly unnecessary, but mostly is the key word. If you have an infant that died of SIDS*, you would find absolutely no comfort in the fact that the doctor told you that you'd probably not need this monitor.

Some parents do need to calm down and not rush their kids to the ER for every hangnail, and if your monitor alarms but your baby is fine, then be grateful, but don't freak out. There will be some children saved by this device, and those parents will be more than happy with every penny they spent on it.

My kids are all past the age of needing to worry about this, but I've gone through a few heart-stopping moments with each of them. Honestly, I'd probably buy one, but an alarm wouldn't automatically send me to the hospital (I would call an ambulance, of course, if my child were unconscious and not breathing, and I have had to do that once).

*Doctors say they don't know what causes SIDS, but I am almost positive that some (incredibly rare, very small percentage) children contort themselves into a position while sleeping that suffocates them. Not all of their biological processes are fully developed and their muscle tone is very poor, so if they get into a position where they can't breathe, there's a good chance they'll suffocate to death. And because everybody is asleep and the whole thing is silent, parents won't know until morning. This monitor would cure SIDS if my theory is right.

Comment Re: Fairy Tales (Score 1) 205

Fair enough--we'll go with malicious ignorance.

Lol, that's what bible thumpers always say when they encounter someone who's unwilling to buy their silly stories.

Tell me, where was the thumping of the Bible? Bible thumpers would have started quoting scripture against your assertions. You can't even get your name calling right. I've been working to argue on your grounds (historical textual criticism) and you're unwilling to actually have an intelligent conversation. You're choosing to ignore the evidence and then attacking the position you disagree with. That's malicious ignorance.

The truth is that you haven't even begun to think about these things. You've come to your materialistic atheistic conclusion by faith and you refuse to acknowledge any evidence that might contradict your beliefs. You should welcome yourself into the camp you despise.

Do me a favor and listen to this before you make any more ridiculous remarks:

Comment Re: Fairy Tales (Score 1) 205

You're conflating two things, and I cannot tell if you're doing this out of ignorance (please do tell me about your two brain cells) or because you've just built up that much animosity.

I wasn't telling you to accept everything about the NT. I was telling you to consider it a viable primary source for the existence of Jesus. You can still do that and not accept the story. And the truth is that it is a very credible source (also see But I suspect you don't even want to do that, because as soon as you give them any shred of historical credibility, then you have to wrestle with the fact that more might be true than the mere existence of Jesus.

Comment Re: Fairy Tales (Score 1) 205

You have a lot you've written that could be responded to--for instance, while historians would generally agree that Josephus was altered, most also agree that the citation to Jesus' existence are genuine. Or is consensus only allowed for global warming?

Anyway, the part that really comes off the wrong way is that you basically say, "If we didn't have the New Testament, then we wouldn't have any evidence of the existence of Jesus." Which is ridiculous because you can't simply dismiss the NT out of hand. That's right, we don't have any primary source material except for these HUNDREDS of pages that talk about him.

Now before you start to hand-wave them away, consider that there is a pretty good science around historical documents and that we have EXCELLENT evidence that they were written by eye-witnesses and that they haven't been altered beyond the message in the originals.

On the reliability of the NT:
On the statistical historicity of the NT:

Is any of this going to convince you? Probably not, and that wouldn't be surprising. But what you've written needs a response because it only presents the evidence of an angry critic.

Comment Re:There needs to be a time limit, and "Edited" fl (Score 2) 75

Another option is to show the final, edited tweet as the default, but then show what the original(s) was/were by clicking on a history button. That way everyone can present their intended content as the default (e.g. fixing typos or punctuation), but it won't let someone completely alter their content and meaning with the intent to deceive.

Comment Not Worried (Score 4, Funny) 364

I'm not worried anymore. Trump said he'll be tough on volatile weather. I know it will be the most serene weather we've ever had.

And if it doesn't cooperate, he'll build the biggest wall you've ever seen on the east border of California. That will kill two birds with one stone. (Not that trump has only one stone...He definitely has two and they're the biggest and best stones you've ever seen).

Comment Re:Evernote utility? (Score 1) 52

Yes, I used it in a slightly modified way that this series explains:

It uses the Getting Things Done approach to productivity with a good way of integrating Evernote as the central brain. I stopped using Evernote when they restricted it to two devices. I've tried using OneNote as an alternative, but it's truly clumsy. Once you get used to Evernote, it feels fluid and everything else feels a bit off.

Comment Re:"Suggesting" ... (Score 4, Insightful) 715

Exactly. And they keep saying "election hack" in all of the headlines, so it keeps sounding as if Russia and Putin himself were meddling with the voting mechanisms: i.e. hacking voting machines or election authority networks. And I strongly suspect that's exactly how they want it to sound.

Even if the claims are exactly true, that Russia hacked the DNC to expose their secrets, all they wound up doing was publishing what was true for the world to see--that the DNC was manipulating everything they could to coronate HRC as heir apparent. The wikileaks publications only brought us a little bit closer to the full disclosure every voter should have before making their decisions.

But I suppose in the minds of some, that invalidates the election results.

Comment Re:I can think of bigger central problems (Score 3, Insightful) 157

I'm sorry, but this is bullcrap. The greatest number of deaths through war have come from non-religious origins. Taking religion out of man has lead to the deaths of ten of millions if not hundreds of millions of people. Religion couldn't touch that scale if they wanted to. 31 Million people have died because of religion in recorded history. Stalin killed 50 Million people in his life.

You say Religions are scary. I say anti-Religion is even scarier.

Comment Re:The West better start paying attention... (Score 4, Informative) 64

How is it bad for the US if China is doing well? As far as I can tell, we'll actually have a much better economy here in the US if the rest of the world becomes affluent. They don't have to be doing poorly for us to be doing well--economics is not a zero sum game. I say: good for China that they're growing.

Comment Re:One party rule (Score 1) 2837

I'm sorry to hear about your sister. I have a sister-in-law who has a life threatening medical condition that requires expensive maintenance medication as well. Did you know that most pharmaceutical companies will offer assistance if you literally cannot afford their medication? They look at how much you make and subsidize based on what you can afford. It's not ideal, but they're also not going to let your sister die.

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