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Comment Re:it's pretty simple (Score 1) 178

I want a work-free society that uses the technology and resources we have. You want a serf-based "work or die" Bronze Age mentality.

I'll let you decide who is the "Luddite" here. You may want to spend the rest of your weekend (get it?) to reflect upon why you are such a horrendous person.

Comment Re:it's pretty simple (Score 1) 178

"1) The world does not owe you a living"

Yet you feel the world owes cheap labor and no taxes to corporations? Why do you worship takers?

What is the purpose of science and technology if you feel like we should live like in the Middle Ages?

"2) If someone is willing to do your job as well as you for less money than you, they should have the job."

Sure, and that doesn't mean I should now starve in a world like ours. But to you and your delightful Bronze Age sensibility, it does.

Figures you're a software type.

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