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Comment Re:Google are a bunch of cunts (Score 1) 71

On the contrary, the Project Zero team reports bugs to us (I am a Chromium developer), and we fix them. For example, .

So let's take that example. That appears to be the following bug, correct?

So that bug was reported in January 2014. The patched version of Chromium, M38, was released in October 2014 - much longer than 90 days. Now as far as I can tell, the bug was not made visible to the outside world until October 2014 - am I reading that right? And, if I am, why wasn't it publicly outed sometime in April - the 90-day window Google seems to hold Windows and Mac bugs to?

Comment Re:I heard one guy made a deal with the Robot Devi (Score 1) 113

well to be fair, the hololens is such a difficult instrument, only a few people in the whole universe can master it.

Well, unless you can score a pair of hands from the Robot Devil - then you'll be able to write great operas and all sorts of stuff!

Comment Re:Google Home (Score 1) 142

It seems the issue here really isn't the doll spying on children... it's that some unauthorized third party could take advantage of the manufacturer's bad design and make use of that spying ability themselves.

But we like to pretend we're protecting our kids, even while simultaneously letting Google or Amazon monetize them.

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