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Comment Ninth Amendment (Score 1) 113

"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

Seems like the founder already took care of this one. Many rights exist that are not specifically enumerated in the constitution and the courts are free to find those right violated. Unfortunately strict originalists like Scalia forget about the Ninth Amendment when they want to go back to what "The drafters of the Constitution wrote down" as their primary source for rulings. The Ninth basically says there is a lot of rights that we the founders haven't written down but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

Comment Re:Ethernet (Score 1) 53

Now taking bets on if gigabit Ethernet will still outperform wireless in almost all use cases that don't require someone to be able to sit in their office chair with their laptop and spin continuously like this sentence...

In a home environment wireless can out perform wired as long as you don't have interference issues with your neighbors, but in an office environment where everyone connects to the same or a limited number of WAPs you have contention issues that bring the available bandwidth for each client down to less than optimal.

For a while I worked in an "open plan" office where everyone connected via wireless, many people used a tethered cell phone for access as it was SO much faster and more reliable than using the office "wi-fi" connections. The company had a screwed up infrastructure that treated every connection as external so you went through the external firewall whether using the provided wi-fi or tethered cell.

Comment Re: As an app developer... (Score 1) 53

Really well, your friends/family tell their client to trust your CA by installing the root certificate you provide and boom you are good to go.

Sure you need to paranoid to the extreme to establish a CA for use on your home network but then self-signed certificate on a home network shouldn't really be an issue either. Again with a self-signed certificate on your home LAN you don't need to trust an outside agency at all. Trusting a self-signed certificate the first time you encounter it is no more dangerous than trusting a signature the first time you SSH into a device. You initiate the connection to a known device.

Comment Re:It's time that Jesus and me... (Score 1) 212

That 240Z was pretty damned cramped too. I used to own an Opel GT, now own an S2000, same interior volume but the exterior of that GT was so much smaller. Reason why? Mostly safety, crumple zones, airbags, reinforced doors .... Crash in the GT or 240Z and you die, same crash in the S2000 and I walk away.

Comment Re:Just out of curiosity (Score 2) 147

Maybe, but we can't even get decent speeds to areas with a much higher population density.

Explain to me why 10 miles outside Colorado Springs all we can get is 10/1 DSL or most of Wisconsin outside the cities is in the same boat? FYI the area I live in outside Colorado Springs had a old style rural telephone company that was laying fiber and upgrading the infrastructure until CenturyLink bought them and stopped all infrastructure upgrades and went to charging us for $60 a month and 10/1 advertised that delivers about 2.5/.5 between 6:00PM and midnight. No other provider available.

The population density argument MAY be valid for portions of the US but not for anywhere east of the Mississippi River or the larger cities in the west.

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