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Comment Re:Sort of confused at what you are shooting for.. (Score 1) 205

Game AI can beat a human every time because the parameters are sufficiently narrow, and a computer can calculate faster than a person. That's not AI, that's brute force to look smart while being dumb.

The problem is that AI's definition is essentially "anything that seems smart" and under that definition, bad game AI fits. Deep Learning is not AI, and has no path to strong AI. Most current AI research has no path to strong AI. Academic AI has almost given up on strong AI, and has taken a detour in demonstrating weak AI on stronger computers that looks like stronger AI, when the AI is no better, but the weak AI is faster.

CEOs and other Imbeciles < My opinions < Real Researchers who know their shit

And you put everyone with an opinion you don't like into the "imbeciles" group. By reasonable measure, that puts you in the imbecile group.

Comment Re:CEOs are smarter than anyone (Score 1) 205

As opposed to say, leading AI researchers that are attending conferences and writing papers on the state of the art.

AI researchers spend more time weakening the definition of AI than delivering any progress towards strong AI. Back 50 years ago, "AI" meant "Strong AI" and it's only recently when we realized AI is hard, so we'll use AI to mean "anything that seems smart" and deliver useless things and claim a victory.

Comment Re:30 years... no (Score 1) 205

Why would there be more than one? The first would be the only one, and would take over the world as the only AI. Unless two AIs were created separately and isolated concurrently, but they'd likely battle as soon as they were aware of each other.

Unless the AI makes slave AIs because it doesn't "want" to do something and can't trust dumb humans to do it.

Comment Re:Really (Score 3, Informative) 49

ISPs are generally monopolies. Everywhere I've lived in the US, there has been only one company owning copper to an address, and only one company who could legally provide coax to an address. Yes, 10 miles apart, it may be a different company, but at a single address, there was never competition for the copper line, and never competition for the coax line.

Where do you live where you can get cable Internet at a single address from multiple companies? Where do you live where you can get a copper line owned by two different companies (and no, I'm not talking CLECs where 10,000 companies can buy the copper line, or DSL service from AT&T, but where you can get two copper lines owned by two separate companies)?

Nowhere in the US I've ever seen. Zero competition (often enforced by law) is a monopoly. Even if it's a micro monopoly by zip code, or a duopoly if you consider copper and coax to be the same thing. Though, there is a spread of fiber, and the last address I looked at in rural NYS had the option of fiber from 3 companies (some at $1000+ a month, but available at the address none the less). But most of the US doesn't have those options.

Comment Re:Supportive (Score 1) 170

Yes, the insurance companies are evil, but they also engage quite heavily in price fixing (negotiation). Especially in places where there are only a few insurance providers in a state.

But I don't understand how private price fixing is fine, when done for profit, but done by the government for non-profit is evil.

And we have death panels today, manned by people who have a financial interest in seeing you dead, so why would people be afraid of a government death panel incentiveized to not care about your cost, but your health, and costs in general?

Comment Re:Just Remember, Folks. (Score 1) 170

I mentioned cars from the '60s, and you countered with '97. So, when is the timeframe when "cars in general just aren't planned or made to last 20 years any more" when you have a 20 year old car. And I've had more than one 20+ year old car. So what time frame is your "cars in general just aren't planned or made to last 20 years any more" comment valid for? '80s GM cars were shit. And '60s cars were offered with a 1 year warranty for a reason. But today, a car should work 20+ years, same as 10 years ago, 20 years ago, and good cars from 30 years ago.

Comment Re:Admin? (Score 1) 227

Everyone who wants to be able to run anything. I have about 50% of my shortcuts on my work machine (where policy prevents logging in as local admin, but one can use local admin), set up to run applications as local admin, because so many things still require it. Windows may have made it possible to run applications without local admin, but that doesn't mean all the application writers have kept up.

Comment Re:You're doing it extremely wrong (Score 1) 511

If he's buying, not renting, he's deducting almost all of the house payment from fed and state taxes. His burden, if he isn't an idiot, should be around 20% combined local, state and federal (counting his FICA, but not his employer's contribution). Though I can't swear he's not an idiot.

Comment Re:Supportive (Score 1) 170

Nope. Autopilot handoff isn't a milisecond before a crash, blame the driver. But it is a "you are directing the car to head through a flooded bridge", and the driver takes over and kills themselves and the car kind of stupid driver.

In other words you are buying insurance from someone who has never admitted a single time that autopilot was "properly engaged" at the time of an accident. Oops, caught you in a lie. But then, everything you said was a lie.

Comment Re:Supportive (Score 1) 170

You must be an American, specifically a Republican. publi health insurance (as seen in almost every country outside the US) is cheaper for more services than the US. Insurance is cheaper than no insurance. Some insurance is solely about risk management, but other insurance can be about group bargaining (something illegal in the US, as it sounds like a "union" or something evil like that).

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