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Comment Re:And for everyone else...? (Score 1) 193

you originally made the claim that NZ is "more free" w/o backing it up.

No, you made the original claim, here it is for your reference:

> You as a foreigner have more rights in the US than I as an American have in your country. Go ahead and enumerate the rights that you don't have in my country that I don't have in yours. Yes, I'm subject to complete search at the border. Read your entry requirements. I also give up free speech.

I then addressed specific points on financial freedom (NZ is poor per capita) and GDP. I gave specific examples on why the NZ "freedom of speech" is actually not freedom of speech at all. I then gave size examples - GDP and population of businesses bigger than your country, and EU vs EU states - supporting the claim of why you can't even make the comparison.

the way you talk - zero substance, completely misunderstanding things adults say - you seem to be a pot smoking frat boy in his early 20s. you cannot keep the conversation on track, logical, or address any actual points. Literally, in many, many comments, you have zero actual material. I'm gonna fire one of your moron kin today just to make myself feel good.

And I have told you that there is no correlation between GDP and freedom.

So, in summary, you made the original claim and to back it up you have prattled about GDP. You have failed to establish that there is more free speech in the US compared to New Zealand.

Comment Re:What is the real deal? (Score 4, Informative) 64

Well.... Probably.

The 5 GHz band is full of users but WiFi uses a small subset up towards the top and they have 'verified' that these bands will receive minimal interference.

However, they are going to nuke the rest of the band with high power transmissions so the users of that bandwidth will have no choice but to move up and sit on the same channel as your WiFi.

It is perfect for T-Moble though, when the interference starts they will be able to show that it isn't their gear that is interfering.

Comment Re:And for everyone else...? (Score 1) 193

You are coming off like an angry american that is just been told something that is contrary to what his government has been telling him for his entire life.

Ad hominem is not going to help you here, freedom is not subject to your tantrums and personal biases. It sounds as if you may need to educate yourself.

Comment Re:And for everyone else...? (Score 1) 193


Not only do we have equal (or more) free speech in New Zealand (resident or visitor) we have far less corruption, far more financial freedom and far less regulation. We also don't have an onerous courts system.

Go look it up some time, check out the freedom indexes. The US population is positively oppressed by comparison.

Comment Re:And for everyone else...? (Score 5, Interesting) 193

while completely ignoring any intrusion/violation of the rights of visitors.

Speaking as someone from another country (New Zealand) who has visited the US on several occasions (mostly social) I can tell you it has certainly become an issue.

Recently I was planning to attend an event in Las Vegas (hobby related). My first thought was to the invasive border security that is already in place but I though why not and decided to go anyway.

Others decided differently, in the end the event in Las Vegas was canceled because of the invasive border protection and we all went to Australia instead.

Comment Re:This is insane FTA just hacked drones! (Score 1) 44

cFTA just did hacking tests on commercial drones (it's in a mil gov newsletter)

You mean this bit? Where you're talking about commercial drones?

Seriously, if you are representative of military thinking we are in trouble. You have no concept of what is an appropriate response AND your attention span is so bad you can misquote what you yourself wrote. I will yell it for you;-


Comment Re:This is insane FTA just hacked drones! (Score 1) 44

Look. The ones being used vs our forces are exactly the ones you're talking about, snowflake.

Only in your head.

See it works like this, we are talking about a small drone taking photos of a parking lot, you go all wowser and start saying "its the end of the world", I call out your bull shit, so you come back and make out like they are flying a fucking military drone through said parking lot.

I never mentioned military drones until you did your "I am a wackjob" leap, they are in YOUR HEAD to try to prove a retarded point, not mine (important difference, things in your imagination do not appear in everyone else).

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