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Comment Re:Is This a Joke? (Score 4, Insightful) 271

Taxes can be one way to moderate that excess, especially when more direct methods are out of fashion, as they are in the US thanks to 50+ years of extensive PR efforts.

To be clear, the US also used heavy taxation at the top end (90% in the top bracket!) in the past. From the Reagan era onward, we have continually decreased the top rates until you get what we have now - a very slightly progressive income tax scheme alongside a capital gains tax rate that ensures the top of the top wealthiest individuals pay less as a percentage of income than the average person does.

Comment Re:Cue the feminists (Score 1) 566

Let's not pretend that access to family connections, better schools, and better resources don't have any influence on success. In some cases (e.g., Trump, GWB), they are literally handed success by their families and need only keep it.

That's not to say that all successful people have those advantages, but we are specifically talking about people who were born with them here.

Comment Re:Does this even need defending now? (Score 1) 198

I think most assumed that rather than being backdoored, voting machines were simply half-assed. Hanlon's Razor and all that.

Now, if we could only convince everyone that the voting machines were really slot machines or ATMs, we might not only get more people to vote, but the software would be more secure, too.

Comment Re:If they have a warrant (Score 1) 136

In that case, it was decided on the idea that the gathering of metadata provided limited insight to a persons life, and that is no longer the case.

It was never the case, or law enforcement would never have started collecting it in the first place. It was merely a bullshit argument to get around that pesky 4th amendment.

Comment Re:What is the MightyMartian plan? (Score 4, Interesting) 406

Mass murder is becoming common because of ISIS. You don't like Newt's ideas.

What are your ideas?

Don't bring us a problem, we have enough of those. Bring us a solution.

The Orlando massacre, while tragic, would have to occur daily to crack the top 5 causes of death. Even then, I'm not sure it would. If you took the combined global death tolls of every terrorist act in the last two decades and condensed them into a single quarter, then put it on repeat, it still wouldn't make the top 5 annual US deaths.

Terrorism is vastly overblown as a threat to any of us. Far more damage is done to our daily lives in the name of stopping terrorism than has ever been done in the name of it.

So, I agree the best solution is not to do nothing - the best solution is to dismantle all the somethings people have done in the last two decades under the guise of protecting us from terrorism.

Comment Re: median vs average (Score 1) 622

I have done similar, but with a twist: I have bought used cars with cash from my parents when they wanted to get something newer. I know the condition/history of the car, I get a good deal, and my state waives sales tax when transferring the property to another family member if you fill out the right forms.

Added bonus: since I primarily bike commute to work, I get another 5-10 years out of the car.

Comment Re:Prime Directive (Score 5, Interesting) 359

Given the fallout from all our meddling in other countries' affairs (particularly the middle east), the prime directive is looking better and better every day.

The same reasoning was given for the prime directives several times in TNG -- the federation encountered several another species that weren't technologically as advanced, they interfered, and everyone was the worse for it.

Comment Re:Divide and conquer (Score 2) 144

why would any sane person invest their time in qualifying for such a career if its longevity is threatened.

Because IT isn't threatened. With computers going into everything, IT is here to stay, and it is going to continue increasing as a proportion of all jobs. This is in spite of the industry's attempts to kill itself with cut corners, aversion to experience, and constant reinventing-of-the-wheel due to a refusal to learn from history.

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