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Comment No of course not. (Score 1) 144

I've whinged across the internet (as usual) about the Note7, mostly because of the idiot idiot idiot curved screen.

That being said it files 2 holes, some customers want.
1, some people genuinely like the stylus / pen - I don't at all personally, it's a waste of physical space in the phone for me but it allows me,...
2, a larger display phone, this is Samsungs only large offering. They don't do an "S8 Plus" or an "S8+" or any such thing. There's definitely a market for larger phone displays. Some people want 6" some want just over 5.5" some people hate large phones and think even the iPhone 6 is too large, none the less, I do want a large phone.

So the Note7 was a total and utter disaster, Samsung needed a kick in the balls though, I hear that they actually outsell Apple now (for all phones though, not just flagship ones) but knock them down a peg so they improve.

I just want a 5.7" or larger phone, with a reasonable size bezel
(Apple the plus series are a JOKE, that phone is HUGE despite only a 5.5" display)
I want good performance, I'd prefer a MicroSD slot, I'd like a nice display and camera.

I ended up upgrading from my Note 2 to a Note 5, the 'hated' bad note, because of the removal of the MicroSD (and 32GB only, initially in my country)
I'm quite happy with it, battery a little weeny but it doesn't explode.

So, Samsung, make a Note 8 but for the love of all things ffffff holy, do NOT force an edge display on users or I will be skipping your phone, again.

Comment I'd love stats, but I want them accurate (Score 1) 160

Most of these trackers are glorified pedometers.
The heart rate measurement on the newer models (to my knowledge) is quite inaccurate, especially when sweaty or in certain weather.

I would love to know:
heart rate
blood pressure
breathing rate
blood sugar level

At least those 4 quite accurate would be pretty nice or at least within a true 5%.
I imagine this is basically impossible without some kind of small implant (then how do you charge it? is it safe? how long does it last?)

We're getting closer to this stuff but the current toys are a gimmick.

Comment Googles days as the golden child for nerds is over (Score 4, Insightful) 91

What % of slashdot posters actually trust google? Even the mildly paranoid ones rather than the full tinfoil nutters?

Even if you don't mind them having some information on you, if you like a service they offer, they'll /probably/ shut it down within 12 to 36 months, or they'll re-brand the product, adjust it heavily, integrate it with something else or redesign it so horrifically it's a shadow of its former self.

I regret to admit I use 4 google products pretty heavily, being Android, Gmail, Youtube and Chrome (in that order of use too) I could probably ditch Chrome if bloody firefox would up their game on performance, but sadly, if anything Firefox is getting slower and losing marketshare to Chrome.

Seriously, they have significant information on people over the years and they continue to gather and link more and more. Furthermore they are pretty incompetent at some things (look at the messaging systems for Android, they still STILL haven't come close to just plain old cloning imessage) they've just released a 3'rd chat application which is just a mess.

Would you really want MORE google stuff in the house? Routers, Wifi equipment, Chromecasts?
Thank god they aren't as amazing and competent as they used to be, back in the day we 'gave up' our stuff, willingly because god damn they simply had the best stuff, now, I'm not even sure it's worth doing for their diluted products.

In conclusion? Yeah, not a chance.

Comment How utterly predictable from Samsung. (Score 1) 446

I used to defend these guys for 'copying' the iPhone back in the day (to an extent) since that's just how smart phones 'work best'

That being said, these dozy bastards continue to basically copy Apple every god damned turn. They neuter phones (removing SD cards) they neuter phones (non removable battery) they make obstinate Apple like decisions (cuved only display on the Note 7, UGH) I think one of the only good things they do is wireless charging and the continued support of a _physical_ fucking home button (remove that and we are DONE Samsung)

I like my headphone port, you wanna be smart? Make it 2.5mm like Blackberry tried, let's take another shot at it, see if Nokia, HTC, LG follow suit - let's switch all 3.5mm jacks to 2.5mm over the next decade? But this no headphone thing is bunk.

Comment Re:More than just hard disks on the ropes... (Score 1) 161

I also got into editing (images) and using VMs and so on, fiddling, but stopped gaming, my desktop PC is now a regular slimline HP business machine, just with a half decent SSD and 24GB, I get my 3 monitors out with the onboard stuff.

No need for a huge GPU, I don't have a premium CPU. That being said I do have a NAS and couldn't live without it - but I am still the nerdy demographic I mentioned in my post.
My NAS has been the best tech thing I've done in years, maybe a decade, should've done it sooner.

Comment More than just hard disks on the ropes... (Score 1) 161

As much as I denied it and thought people were crazy 7 years ago, desktop computing is on the ropes, if not laptop as well.
Sure SSDs might be finally beating HDDs inside your laptop purchases and some mid to high end Dell / HP desktop purchases but the computing era has changed finally and it's a little sad for the enthusiasts.

25 years ago, a nice desktop PC was $2000 to $3000, nerdy families might have one
20 years ago a nice desktop PC was $2000 and you know semi-common for the family
15 years ago it was $1500, many people had one
10 years ago, it was $1000 and reached the point where there might be the family PC and one each for the kids
7 years ago, everyone in the family had a laptop, maybe still kept 1 family PC

and now? Tablets and cell phones.
The desktop doesn't have a spot in the house anymore, for the most part of course,... sure we have one, but we're back to where we were, as nerds 25 years ago, we're the niche guys with some tricked out computer, we run a full desktop (!!) and sadly we're paying for it again, the common consumer is no longer subsidising us as they did in the 90s and 00s. The enthusiast HDD, CPU, motherboard, case the whole lot, all the top tier stuff was 'only' 50% more expensive or even 30%more expensive when everyone was buying desktops, but now - well sadly Western Digital, Intel, Gigabyte, AMD, nVidia, these guys aren't selling an epic boatload of mid-tier stuff to everyone, no they are selling some low low low end stuff because it's all people need (if a desktop at all.................) so the high end stuff is back to pricey.

To bring this around to SSDs - sure, a 128 / 256 and maybe a 512GB SSD on special are all pretty competitive now, but for us storage enthusiasts? Well the $ to GB ratio is still quite out. I don't see me replacing 6x5TB HDDs in my NAS any time soon with a nice cheap or even 'slightly pricey' 8TB SSD.
I still don't think you can buy any larger than a 4TB SSD in a 2.5" form factor and that's (I think $1200) and only released recently.

Personally, for my needs? I totally want a "slow tier" SSD, 400MB read / write and 150MB random, but silent, cool, low power and 8 to 10TB for under $500 US
I don't expect to see it for 2 to 3 years.

Comment What if we don't want you to... (Score 1) 135

No really, I'm quite happy with my 3.5" port which is on my PC, PS4 controller, ipad (currently....) old spare phone, etc.

Hell, I was trying to figure out how to wire one of these up for my deskphone at my old job when I worked in a job with a fair few support calls, so I could go from music to phone call, simply by moving a cable and answering the phone.

Comment Obstinate Chrome, ever right, our way is best. (Score 1) 51

I can't stand Chromes "my way or the highway" attitude on stuff.
I spent over an hour last night, looking for a tool or function which will stop Chrome shrinking tabs to literally 1/4 of an inch in width if you are an extreme browser and exceed 80 or 100 tabs open.

You think I can find a simple "fix tab width" plugin? of course I found a heap of posts from people dating back through 2012, 2011, 2009 asking for a "hey, how can I stop Chrome making my tab width miniscule when I open a shitload of tabs?"
Typically (much like an apple question actually) a heap of people told the person their 'workflow was wrong'. A few actually helped, some of the solutions didn't sound perfect but they would've worked, you know if the features weren't removed from the program ..... (well the instructions I found to enable stacked tabs are no longer relevant anyhow, the option appears to be missing)

God damn I wish Firefox performed faster, I love it as my primary browser but it runs like molasses with an extreme amount of tabs open, even with 24GB of ram and 4 cores. As for Firefox mobile? Gotta hand it to Chrome mobile there, the UI was so much easier to use and more common sense that I just stopped trying eventually, It felt like a late 90's GUI for the 18 months I tried it. It is (was?) an atrocious UI for mobile browsing.

Comment So same as the iPad Pro 9.7 then? (Score 1) 196

Well ok, not under load, but when scrolling the display in any capacity. Noise comes from a chip just near the volume rocker. I've got pretty good hearing for 38 and it drives me batty if I use the thing in bed on a quiet night. I was almost tempted to return the thing to be honest, my iPad air 2, no such issue.

(It's more of a hiss / hum in one)

Comment Note 7 is a disaster (Score 1) 86

I've whined about this across multiple sites in the hopes some fuckwit from Samsung reads it, (chances 0.01%) but if they are going to up the pace on the S8 then for goodness sakes make an S8+ edition in 5.7" or larger.

Some of "Note fans" myself included, like the big phone, I couldn't give a shit about the stylus. I know some people do, great, let them keep the Note series. For me though, give me that cubic half an inch (??) more battery please or processing speed. The Pen in my Note 2 and Note 5 is effectively useless to me.

Oh and the Note 7?I would've got one, except you stubborn assholes insisted on a curved display ONLY, yeah real smart move there, aesthetrics over usability.
Light reflecting off the corners.
Accidental palm press of the corners
Image being distorted around the corners
Slightly less real estate.
More difficult to protect the screen with a glass or plastic protector
Did I mention the accidental presses?

Seriously curved is a stupid gimmick. Saved me over $500 US though. I got a used Note 5 unlocked in ridiculously good condition for about $380 US.

Bonus points: The ONE TIME Apple fans are a little disillusioned over headphone jacks, Samsung bone it up REAL bad. Honestly as a Samsung fan, good. I heard Apple is playing second fiddle to Samsung lately, I hope Apple give them a pounding so they get their idiot heads in order.

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