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Comment Re:Divorced Talulah Riley again? (Score 1) 80

The fact Tesla has repaid their loans doesn't mean anything. You compare a small niche car enterprise with a volatile market with large car manufacturers with steady business with strong competition, which means profit margins are lower, and much larger loans. This is unfair and it is made up just to deserve your argument.

Comment Re:US Post Office always secure. (Score 1) 454

This and also with email voting, someone can sell his vote to anyone and it is possible for the buyer to make sure he got the vote he bought. Also, with email vote, someone can be under a third party (family or other) to vote for a given candidate. No, email voting is far to be the best system. Paper track is mandatory of course to trust elections, however I don't see anything to replace the voting polls.

Comment Re: A poor craftsman blames his tools. (Score 1) 531

My 30 years experience in IT is telling me the same. But, I must say to the discharge of management, evaluating the quality of a piece of code that is just delivered in terms of reliability and security is not an easy task, hence the indifference to the quality of code. They will never be evaluated on it because they cannot evaluate it themselves. What they can be evaluated on is time to delivery and costs.

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