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Comment Re:Hmph... (Score 3, Informative) 51

Isn't Samsung, a large multinational corporation with a huge quality control budget and a brand to protect, recalling their flagship phone because it's bursting into flames during charging?
Tell us again how there is no actual danger from cheap, unregulated devices from sending a very narrow safe range of wattage through people's brains?

Comment Re:Matter of Time (Score 1) 66

I got a telemarketer calling me and a dozen other people at my work trying to convince us to purchase what he called a dropbox integrator for citrix.
Then half an hour later I saw this story. I just wish I had seen this first so instead of politely telling him to go away I could have just laughed until he hung up.

Comment Re:Pokemon Go (Score 3, Insightful) 79

Not all players do that. As always you hear a lot more about the idiots than the normal players.

I've see a lot more people walking around the park and downtown than before. And I personally have tried 4 new restaurants I never knew about before thanks to aimlessly wandering around town for pokestops.

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