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Comment Re:Hypochondriacs (Score 1) 69

I am also sensitive to microwave EM radiation. I am preparing a home test to prove this – cutting a hole in the front of my microwave oven to defeat its interlock, and just stick my hand in for a good 60 seconds. I anticipate that the resulting burn (or cooking smell) will be proof enough of my sensitivity.

Be careful with this test. I know from previous experience that we smell and sizzle like bacon when heated to cooking temperatures.

Comment Re:It gives me pleasure to introuce you to the fut (Score 1) 162

It was hardly the first time police deployed a bomb but at least they didn't burn down a few blocks of housing in Dallas. And of course that was not the first or last time the FBI was involved in such an operation.

I suspect the Dallas police were so enraged that they just looked for the most creative way to execute the guy and had no intention of capturing him alive.

Comment Re: Considering they fail at nearly sixty times... (Score 1) 235

I look at the thickness, hard plastic edges and corners, and lack of bezel and just laugh when they advertise any of these devices as ruggedized. I figure the ones without a flat edge preventing them from being tilted up against a backstop are deliberately designed that way because if they fall over they will be damaged.

My handheld multimeters are a hell of a lot tougher and they *still* came with soft rubber boots.

Comment Re:Scientists have proven (Score 1) 357

They are real emails and the drip will continue. Rumors say the spicy stuff is int he bits coming closer to the election. Clinton's campaign is toast, and the Clinton-aligned media is desperately trying to somehow make it not so.

I do not think people care. It has been generally known that Clinton is one of the more slimy and corrupt politicians and this has not mattered in the past. Why would it matter now?

Comment Re:Nuclear research needed! (Score 1) 343

Thorium (Th-232) isn't fissile, it needs to be bred up into U-233 to produce energy. U-233 works quite well in a nuclear weapon core (the US fired off at least two test devices back in the day). The U-233 in a proposed thorium reactor is pure, it has no contaminants that make it difficult to weaponise by an unscrupupous operator.

U-232 is a significant and dangerous contaminant in U-233 produced from Th-232.

Comment Re:Phone (Score 1) 242

The president doesn't make arrests, or punish law breakers that is the judicial branches job. The FBI works for the department of Justice not the executive branch.

I agree. What the FBI and executive branch does is more like a punitive action meaning that there is even less due process than that available through the judicial branch. And the DoJ *is* part of the executive branch.

Comment Re: Equal amounts? (Score 1) 334

If you want to see what happens to a party without superdelegates, look at the GOP nominee right now. Had the Democrats voted for someone less scrupulous than Bernie without superdelegates, the DNC would be in just as bad a spot if not worse.

If only there was some system of voting which prevents splitting the vote. If nerds just need to nerd harder, then political parties should, um, party harder to solve this unsolvable problem.

Comment Re:Totally different! (Score 1) 334

He is part of the conspiracy. Aiding and abetting a crime is itself a crime. There was no journalistic reason to release that data.

CNN and the ACLU agree with you. The people only have collective rights so only officially recognized news organizations have a 1st amendment right to view and interpret these documents.

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