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Comment Re:Yes, you see it here in S.E. Asia (Score 1) 162

Certainly if you hit Thai history with a big enough hammer, you can shrink it down to a paragraph. That said, you really went off the rails at the end on the politics. It isn't a rich/poor split, it is a Central (Thai) Thai vs ethnic Laos/Khmer. Poor people nearer to Bangkok mostly support the traditional power structures. In the north and east regions that only have a few hundred years of being part of the country, they support the corrupt populists.

If you see the movie "The King and I," (any version) the character of the young prince, in real life he grew up and banished slavery and the old system of numerical social status. It used to be that everybody had an assigned numerical value that they wore pinned to their shirt. It was like that for a long time, generations, and most of the working class were valueless (literal) slaves. It was changed simply by decree; not in response to a social movement or unrest or anything, simply because the King was well educated and told people another way of doing things. So they don't have the same history that most of the world has, of people struggling for rights and freedoms. Rights and freedoms have generally been thrust on them unrequested. And so they do not really have functioning politics.

Comment Re:lack of foresight (Score 4, Insightful) 117

They never would have anticipated the current flow of cross border traffic that might make it an issue. Not to mention the sheer storage capacity and communication ability that modern computing devices give us.

Most of them personally arrived across the border more times than the average modern American does. And they carried storage devices with their data!

And nothing in the Constitution was there as a matter of convenience due to limited storage capacity of government warehouses.

Comment Re:Microsoft's Arrogance is Shameful (Score -1, Troll) 156

You wouldn't subject yourself to it if you didn't prefer to be treated that way.

Admit it, this is what you think you deserve. Otherwise, you'd use something else.

I use something else and I even receive documents from windoze users! It must be magic, or else the FUD was shit and documents are actually portable these days?

Comment Re:Why this is wrong: (Score 1) 186

There is no such thing. The only condition is that countries that do not allow the death penalty require that the person not be facing potential execution.

Other than that, the requirement is that at least one of the things you're accused of is a legit type of crime. Like fraud. They're not going to examine the evidence, they're going to examine the accusation.

The trial will determine the value of the evidence. That happens later. These steps do matter. The apparent important fact is that he and others are accused of traveling to the USA to complete financial transactions that were illegal here. New Zealand has no choice but to hand him over, the court battle is only about delaying that.

Comment Re: whose fraud??? (Score 1) 186

You have to be smart enough not to lie, that's all. If you're at least that smart, then none of that situation touches you.

If you're willing to lie, under oath, not even to defend yourself but to implicate yourself, there is nothing that the Court can really do to stop you from coming to an agreement with the prosecutor that sends you away.

Yes, it is a problem for dishonest idiots. But it can be solved very easily on an individual basis.

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