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Comment Re:Is that all (Score 2) 601

rather than believe their childrens' autism is inherited and that it might be their fault

Having a bad gene is not someone's fault, the best that you can say is 'bad luck'. If it is severe and you know that you have it, then maybe you should think hard before you have children. Some people with genetic problems do do that, or have the foetus tested and aborted if it has the problem. This is not something done (AFIK) for autism.

I don't want to spark a debate on abortion or eugenics, that is not my point.

Comment Those 2 employees ... (Score 0) 120

should have the book thrown at them and end up in jail; they were knowingly attempting to put people at risk just to protect their employer's profits. I doubt that Chinese police/enforcement should have too hard a time finding some legal reason to do this. Their manager should, likewise, spend time in a dungeon.

Why do I want this ? If more individuals become held responsible for the acts that they do on behalf of their employers, the better off that the public will be in all sorts of ways. This applies all the way from top bankers to care home managers.

Comment That is poor compensation (Score 1) 85

If you bought it for some $500 to run Linux on it, all of a sudden you had something that was useless to you. So $55 is about 1/10 of the value to you. You presumably also put in some hard work to configure it, etc, all that work wasted -- but no compensation for that.

It is all too late now, but Sony should have been forced to reverse the change back in 2010 ... if you bought it according to a published specification, Sony should not be allowed to retroactively change it.

Comment Re:The Biggest Joke of All (Score 1) 38

I've always assumed the NSA was always listening so they can go ahead and listen to dinner plans. It takes nothing to unplug it. Step into another room.

NSA Operative 1: After 2 days they people at #42 have switched off their echo.

NSA Operative 2: Quick: scan the last 5 minutes of conversation.

NSA Operative 1: key words: plot fertiliser garden mole.

NSA Operative 2: Oh, they are worried about a spy, plotting to make a fertiliser bomb.

NSA Operative 1: Better send in the SWAT team to check them out.

Comment Re:Why does anyone update? (Score 1) 172

Should you be using a desktop OS for 24/7 operation?

I see no reason why not -- if it is stable. The same version of CentOS that I am typing at I have installed on customer servers. But no way would I suggest that anyone use MS Windows for anything that had an uptime or reliability requirement - it is just laughable.

I was at a friend's house today, had dug out an old printer, could I get it to work ? I configured it's wifi, 5 minutes; ran up the Linux Mint printer config tool; I had a test page printed off in a minute; tried the same on Win 10 ... nothing, had to download 400 MB from HP (5 mins); then run the installer; then the config tool - all in all 20-30 mins.

Why do people say that MS Windows is easier to use than Linux ?

Comment Re:Not sure (Score 5, Interesting) 107

What's more concerning... That the director of the CIA had his account hacked, or that he has an AOL account.

What really is concerning is that tech support knew ''Brennan’s account number, password and other details''. Who stores passwords in clear these days ? The only safe storage is a one way hash or something. This is vague as to exactly which tech support was tricked and which account details were revealed, but who in tech support would tell anyone someone's password ?

Comment Battery life ? (Score 1) 324

The metric that I really want to know was not there: how long will it last when idle (waiting for incoming calls) and how long the speech time ? For me, I want a minimum of 48 hours idle, more is better. It is occasionally nice to do something else with the thing, but not all the time. This is like all computer reviews: focus on speed, for client stuff it is not what interests me.

I did see that the $159 AirPod headphones only last 5 hours before needing recharging. Although not being a mac fanboi I can't see myself buying one.

Comment How to hide inconventient ideas (Score 4, Insightful) 251

If I wanted to stop people taking alternative explanations to an event seriously I would find convenient nutters to add their wacky ideas to the list of explanations and get them onto talk shows, lecture circuit, etc. The more outlandlish the better; aliens - even better; new physics - great; the proposer have a checkered past and outlandish hairstyle - just who we want. The result is a couple of dozen of competing ideas for people to read; they will, rightly, dismiss many of them as cranky, and, by association, this reduces the credibility of the more considered explanations.

The ideas become hidden because mainstream media can ignore them by labelling them 'conspiracy theories'.

I'm not saying who/what caused the 3 buildings to fall on 9/11, but the official story has questions in it that it's authors don't answer; some alternative stories seem to have good evidence behind them.

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