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Comment Re:I remember Doom 3. (Score 1) 108

that was completely intentional.. the goal was to build mood and suspense through the lack of visibility.. they accomplished this. things like the 'duct-tape' mod kind of ruined the atmosphere :(

If that is the case, then why did they made the "duct tape" permanent in the BFG Edition?. I think there are better ways to create suspense.

Comment Re:win8 and UEFI (Score 1) 385

WTF are you talking about? Every Win8 branded system I have seen has the option to disable Secure Boot. IIRC Microsoft requires that the computer has the ability to switch it off to grant the Win8-Certified Logo. That is of course, except Windows RT devices, which have nothing to do with what we are talking about.

Comment Re:Correlation vs Causation? (Score 1) 863

Your "every 2nd Windows OS sucks" logic is flawed, since your list is incomplete. Here is, in my opinion, a more complete list:

Windows 3.0 - Kind of sucked
Windows 3.1 - Great
Windows 95 - Sucked until OSR2. Then it was pretty good.
Windows 98 - Sucked
Windows 98 SE - Great
Windows 2000 - Awesome
Windows ME - Im not even going to comment on this one
Window XP - Sucked until SP2. Then it was awesome
Windows Vista - Sucked and still sucks after 2 service packs
Windows 7 - Awesome
Windows 8 - Great OS underneath a nearly unusable UI

Comment Re:A contrived test: old phone, old operating syst (Score 4, Informative) 155

The author used the last iPhone (3G) running the last iOS version (4) that would exhibit such behavior. It seems a contrived test. An upgrade to iOS 5 would fix the problem on the 3G. On newer phones the encryption key needed to access the data is destroyed, so the problem never would have occurred.

Sorry, but the iPhone 3G tops out at version 4.1.2. The 3GS, on the other hand, does have support for iOS 6, if I remember correctly.

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